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Geography and anthropology scholarship recipients announced

February 28, 2014

EAU CLAIRE — The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire department of geography and anthropology recently announced the 2013-14 winners of its departmental scholarships.

Joseph Quintana

Joseph Quintana, a senior from Madison, received the following three scholarships: the Henry W. Kolka Scholarship, the Palm Family Scholarship and the Craig Wickman Applied GIS Scholarship.

Quintana, a member of the Geography and Anthropology Club, Ultimate Frisbee team and Usher Corps, and a teaching assistant for introductory geography classes, plans to attend graduate school to pursue a doctorate in geography and ultimately become a geography professor.

"I hope to continue studying how people interact with the physical and cultural landscape," Quintana said. "I'd like to study more about how people perceive the physical and human world around them, and how these perceptions can change over time and space."

Zachary Hilgendorf

Zachary Hilgendorf, a senior from Reedsburg, is a co-recipient of both the Wickman Applied GIS Scholarship with Quintana and the Kerlin and Ethel Seitz Scholarship with senior Corrin Turkowitch of Wauwatosa.

Hilgendorf said that it took him quite a while to select his major of comprehensive environmental geography, a decision he didn't make until fall 2012.

"If I had to boil it down," Hilgendorf said of why he chose his major, "I would say that it was the sense that there was always something new I could learn and explore, that I would be able to learn how the earth works and its processes and that the faculty of the department were the most intriguing people I have had the pleasure to meet."

Hilgendorf works as a resident assistant in Horan Hall, is the manager of UW-Eau Claire's on-campus archery range and president of the Student Rod and Gun Club, and recently began attending Geography and Anthropology Club meetings.

Hilgendorf plans to pursue a career that allows him to spend his time in nature, working with soils, river systems and the geographic information systems tool.

"I hope to further the understanding of earth processes and specifically continue researching on the processes of soils or fluvial (river) systems," Hilgendorf said. "Words cannot describe how honored I am to have been chosen as a recipient of these scholarships."

Corrin Turkowitch

Turkowitch, president of the Geography and Anthropology Club and member of Gamma Theta Upsilon, UW-Eau Claire's geographic honor society, says that she would like to use her experiences to one day become an educator.

"I know that I want to teach, disseminate information and speak about the amazing interactions that occur on our planet," Turkowitch said.

Furthermore, Turkowitch believes that geography is a field that addresses and interconnects many of the problems facing our world today.

"Geography focuses on the reciprocal interactions between humans and their environment, and I hope to really hone in on the human element and understand why we do what we do to the planet and other people," Turkowitch said. "I honestly hope to learn as much as I can while I am on this planet and get others on board to see the intricate, interconnected beauty that we are undoubtedly involved in on Earth."



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