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Tree removals scheduled for Feb. 22-23

February 17, 2014

EAU CLAIRE — A number of trees on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire lower campus will be cut down and removed the weekend of Feb. 22-23.

A total of eight trees on the north side of Schofield Hall and the south side of the Old Library will be removed.

The Schofield Hall trees include two dead conifers and two maple trees that an arborist has determined are damaged and in very poor health. If left standing, the trees could create a hazard because of weakness caused by cracks in the trunks and major stem branches, said Terry Classen, director of Facilities Management.

Four Norway maples south of Old Library will be removed. The maples were originally planted too close to the building and have now become too large for the space, said Lynn Peterson, building and grounds superintendent. Their roots create problems for the building foundation and adjacent paved sidewalk, their branches must be regularly pruned away from the building exterior, and upper branches and dropping leaves create maintenance problems, Peterson said.

Brush and saplings on the south and west sides of the Nursing Building will be cleared in preparation for the reconstruction and expansion of the Nursing Building parking lot planned for summer 2014. Four eight-inch-diameter red maple trees are to be removed, along with an assortment of box elder, basswood, cottonwood and green ash.

For additional information, contact Terry Classen, director of facilities management, at 715-836-5278 or




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