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Students invited to complete survey about UW-Eau Claire experience

February 11, 2014

EAU CLAIRE — In the coming weeks, freshmen and seniors at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will be invited to participate in an online survey that will help identify areas in which they feel the university is doing well and areas where it can improve the experience it offers students.

On Feb. 18, first-year students and those with senior standing will receive an email invitation to complete the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), through which several hundred thousand students nationwide contribute data about their participation in programs and activities at U.S. universities.

NSSE then provides reports of the survey results to participating universities, which use the information to plan ways to better serve students, said Andrew Nelson, UW-Eau Claire's director of Institutional Research.

"We continually seek ways to help students meet their goals for success, and the NSSE survey is an important tool for us in that process," Nelson said. "We encourage students to complete the survey, as it provides us with valuable information that informs us as we work to provide them with the best learning experience possible."

Students who do not take the survey following the first email will receive a reminder on Feb. 26. Similar reminder emails will continue as needed through the month of March.

UW-Eau Claire participates in the NSSE survey every three years.




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