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UW-Eau Claire professionals recognized for excellence in design

December 6, 2013
Danceworks poster, 2013 series
A poster from the Danceworks 2013 series that will be recognized with a CASE V Gold Award.
The award-winning design team during the Danceworks 2013 poster photo shoot. From left, Julie Fox, Bill Hoepner, Ansel Brooks and Kaitlyn Bryan.
The award-winning design team during the Danceworks 2013 poster photo shoot. From left, Julie Fox, Bill Hoepner, Ansel Brooks and Kaitlyn Bryan.

EAU CLAIRE — A number of individuals from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire recently were recognized for excellence in design by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education District V.

The Pride of CASE V Awards Program honors institutions and individuals in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin that demonstrate outstanding achievement in the advancement, alumni and communications fields. Nearly 500 entries were submitted for this year's competition.

The poster series used to promote UW-Eau Claire's Danceworks 2013 event received the first-place Gold Award for excellence in design for a poster series. The individuals involved in the project were Bill Hoepner, photographer, Learning and Technology Services; Kaitlyn Bryan, 2013 UW-Eau Claire art (graphic design emphasis) graduate; Julie Fox, assistant professor of dance; and Ansel Brooks, senior artist, Publications office.

Bryan, originally from Madison, designed the posters while she was an intern in the UW-Eau Claire Publications office. Bill Hoepner, a UW-Eau Claire photographer, shot the photos that were an integral part of the posters' design.

"I have no doubt that we won the gold medal for this category due to the strength of the photography and the quality of the design," Brooks said. "The photos are so strong that Kaitlyn's approach was to keep the necessary text and other graphics discreet and to a minimum to allow the photos to do all the 'heavy lifting,' so to speak. She did a great job, as did Bill."

Hoepner noted that the posters were a collaborative effort.

"The director (Fox), designer (Brooks) and myself had numerous conversations to determine the concept and lighting style for the project," he said. "The day of the shoot, the student dancers did an excellent job performing for the camera."

"I helped students craft movements to capture — jumps, turns, spatial relationships, fabric play, etc.," Fox added. "Bill was also instrumental in the crafting of the image, as he would take the image and have insight regarding which moment in the movement to capture and angles that would work best."

When working on the design of the posters, Fox came up with the idea to include one solo dancer per poster to promote the annual event. Each poster featured a different person and a different experience.

"This poster series truly captures dance in all its beauty, magic, virtuosity, and as a medium that provokes a kinesthetic/visceral response in the viewer/audience," Fox said. "This poster series is striking, bold and a contemporary expression of what dance is today and is right in line with how dance is promoted in the public sector."

The Pride of Case V winners will be honored at the 2013 Pride of Case V Awards Reception Dec. 16 in Chicago.



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