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Media Memo: Faculty Expert, Affordable Care Act

September 26, 2013

TO: News Editors and Directors

FROM: Judy Berthiaume

DATE: Sept. 26, 2013

SUBJECT: Faculty Expert: Affordable Care Act

Dr. Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, associate professor and program director of Health Care Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, is available to talk with the media about the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Johs-Artisensi incorporates the ACA in several classes she teaches, including "Overview of the U.S. Health Care System: A Policy Perspective," "Health Care Organization and Delivery" and "Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging." She is knowledgeable about key aspects of the ACA that already have been implemented, as well as aspects that are scheduled to roll out in 2014. She can discuss how consumers and employers will be affected by ACA, and how some of the changes have or may influence our health care delivery system. Dr. Johs-Artisensi also is knowledgeable about the challenges the U.S. health care system faced prior to the health reform debate and ACA legislation. She can talk about the impact ACA supporters champion as well as the concerns of its detractors.

Based on research done collaboratively with economics and nursing faculty, Dr. Johs-Artisensi has co-authored two articles, "A Descriptive Analysis of Health Care Coverage and Concerns in West Central Wisconsin: Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice" and "Consequences of Uninsurance in Wisconsin."

You can reach Dr. Jennifer Johs-Artisensi at or 715-836-3589.

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