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Services for Students with Disabilities Office honors faculty, staff

November 1, 2012
Miranda Cross-Schindler
Dr. Matt Jewell

EAU CLAIRE — The Services for Students with Disabilities Office at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire honored a faculty and staff member at its recognition reception Oct. 26.

Provost Patricia Kleine presented awards to Miranda Cross-Schindler, military education benefits coordinator, and Dr. Matt Jewell, Materials Science Center faculty member, in recognition of their service to students with disabilities.

Students with disabilities are invited each year to nominate university employees who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to meeting their disability-related needs, according to Alice Bayerl, director of Services for Students with Disabilities.

"Miranda exemplifies the university's motto of excellence in performing all her duties and responsibilities by going the extra step to ensure that connections are made to resolve conflicts in scheduling (and issues with) financial and academic pressures," wrote a student who nominated Miranda Cross-Schindler for the award. "She welcomes students with dignity, strives for perfection and consistently shows compassion for not only me but other students with disabilities as well."

The student also noted that Cross-Schindler played an integral role in aiding the adjustment from a military lifestyle to academic life.

"She has an open-door policy, listens with a sense of caring and engages in the conversation for complete understanding," the student stated. "Miranda is at the forefront of veterans' activities: She is trusted, respected and truly cares for (everyone) she serves."

Additional congratulatory comments were offered by Dr. Debbie Gough, interim registrar and indirect supervisor of Cross-Schindler. Gough acknowledged and thanked Miranda for her significant contributions to the development and initiation of many new services for student veterans since she joined the university less than two years ago.

Dr. Doug Dunham, Materials Science Center director, noted that Jewell is in his third semester as a faculty member at UW-Eau Claire and is internationally known in his area of scholarship.

"Matt is already very involved in supervising students' research and yet consistently demonstrates that teaching is his highest priority," Dunham said. "He is accessible, has an open-door policy and gladly takes student questions throughout his day."

The student who nominated Jewell expressed feeling completely open with and trusting of his instructor.

"Professor Jewell has shown from day one that he is completely accessible, which I think is one of the most important traits for a teacher when dealing with students with learning disabilities. He has also shown respect for privacy, which I and other students with disabilities ask for," the student wrote.

The student also noted in the nomination letter that Jewell's continued patience and dedication shows he truly cares.

"His continued devotion to his students in making sure they continue moving forward in their education and his inexhaustible patience for all those redundant questions makes him a perfect candidate for this prestigious award," the student wrote.



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