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Students selected as Campus Ambassadors at UW-Eau Claire

October 10, 2012

EAU CLAIRE — Sixty-nine University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students have been selected to represent the university as Campus Ambassadors for the 2012-13 academic year.


Campus Ambassadors are volunteer students, from freshmen to seniors, who serve under the auspices of the Chancellor's, Admissions and Alumni Association offices.

Ambassadors represent the university at a variety of campus functions and often are the first people visitors meet on campus. They give tours to prospective students, parents, alumni or special guests to the campus, conduct online chats and call nights, and attend educational fairs to talk with prospective students.

They also participate in alumni events on campus; register alumni at Homecoming festivities; welcome alumni to special events, such as reunions; and help keep alumni informed of campus changes.

Ambassadors also serve at special events sponsored through the Chancellor's Office. They often are asked to give their opinions and ideas about campus programs and can influence policymakers on campus.

Each spring, faculty and academic staff nominate students to serve as Campus Ambassadors. Students from all majors are interviewed by a team of veteran Ambassadors and advisers, and new Ambassadors are selected on the basis of academic achievement, communication skills, knowledge of UW-Eau Claire and leadership potential.

While all students at UW-Eau Claire are considered ambassadors of the campus, to be selected as an official Campus Ambassador is a special honor. View list of 2012-13 Campus Ambassadors.



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