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Media Memo: Reporting on downtown public-private project

May 14, 2012

TO: News Editors and Directors

FROM: Julie Poquette

DATE: May 14, 2012

SUBJECT: Reporting on downtown public-private project

As you know, Clear Vision Eau Claire will host a news conference at noon Tuesday, May 15, to share the details of a public-private partnership that intends to construct a development that would transform downtown Eau Claire.

As was shared in an advisory distributed to media on Friday by Clear Vision Eau Claire, the planned downtown project would include a new community arts center, a commercial/retail complex and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student housing.

Given the premature and incomplete reporting done by the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram this weekend and its editorial this morning based on the earlier report, it is necessary to clarify the university's role in the project in advance of Tuesday's planned announcement.

While UW-Eau Claire is a strong supporter of the public-private project, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram's story does not accurately reflect the scope of the public-private partnership and the extent of the university's role.

Until tomorrow's announcement, we encourage you to use the information that has been confirmed by Clear Vision Eau Claire so as to not further share incomplete and/or inaccurate information about a multi-million-dollar project that could transform our community's downtown.

UW-Eau Claire's role in this exciting proposed project will be made clear Tuesday when the entire scope of the public-private partnership project will be shared.

Mike Rindo, assistant chancellor for facilities at UW-Eau Claire and a member of Clear Vision Eau Claire, will be among those available to answer questions during the Tuesday news conference, which will begin at noon in the Eau Claire River Room at the RCU Corporate Center at 200 Riverfront Terrace in downtown Eau Claire.

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