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Tip Sheet for the week of May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Story/Photo Idea

Fifth-graders from Eau Claire schools will gather at noon Tuesday, May 8, for a jazz concert in Gantner Concert Hall of the Haas Fine Arts Center. Bob Baca will direct the jazz bands performing during the concert. The event will give the fifth-graders a chance to experience live music in a concert hall setting. The music will include various types of jazz music, such as Dixieland, swing and the blues. Baca will give a brief history of jazz music during the concert.

Story Idea

Dr. Jennifer Muehlenkamp, assistant professor of psychology, received the prestigious Edwin S. Shneidman Award from the American Association of Suicidology, recognizing her work in the areas of suicide prevention and self-injury among youth and young adults. The award is given to people who have made outstanding research contributions in the field of suicidology early in their careers. Muehlenkamp's primary expertise is in the area of non-suicidal self-injury, which includes behaviors such as self-cutting, burning of oneself, interference with wound healing and severe skin abrading like scratching skin with sharp objects. Nonsuicidal self-injury is a baffling and hard-to-treat phenomenon that has increased markedly in recent years, Muehlenkamp said. Key issues in diagnosing and treating non-suicidal self-injury include differentiating it from attempted suicide and other mental disorders, as well as understanding the motivations for self-injury. Since joining UW-Eau Claire's faculty, Muehlenkamp has worked with Counseling Services and students to create a suicide awareness and gatekeeper prevention program on campus. She also has led numerous workshops for mental health professionals throughout the state on the topic of self-injury. For details, contact Dr. Jennifer Muehlenkamp at 715-836-4642 or

Story Idea

Fifteen history and 15 economics students — including one student from Eau Claire and several from western Wisconsin — traveled to New York City for an immersion project titled "New York City and the Immigrant Experience: An Economic and Historical Perspective." Professors Rose-Marie Avin (economics) and Jane Pederson (history) created the project around the question "What is the impact of immigration on New York City and by extension the United States?" Prior to traveling to New York, students studied economic theory and historical literature on immigration. Avin's class focused on the economic contributions and experiences of the new immigration (since 1965) from China, Latin America and the Caribbean. Pederson's students focused on "old immigration" (1815-1914) from Ireland, Germany, Italy and China. In New York, students visited museums, toured neighborhoods and immersed themselves in the immigrant experience. Students also met with 30 UW-Eau Claire alumni who live in New York City. For more information, contact Dr. Rose-Marie Avin at 715-836-45123 or, or Dr. Jane Pederson at 715-836- 5900 or

Photo Idea

Students will gather on the Campus Mall at noon every day this week to enjoy live music as part of the annual Springfest celebration.

Construction Updates

News about the multiple construction projects taking place on campus can be found online.

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