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Senior BFA Exhibit to open in Foster Gallery April 28

April 25, 2012
 Angela Clark
"Crab" by Angela Clark
EAU CLAIRE — The Foster Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will present the Bachelor of Fine Arts Candidates' Senior Show April 28-May13.

Six seniors who are candidates for bachelors of fine arts degrees will display their work. An opening reception will be held from 1-3 p.m. April 28 in the gallery.

Angela Clark, Rhinelander, will exhibit works that are a blend of traditional pencils and synthetic polymer, which have been digitally manipulated. Her work will include a culmination of branding, calculation, frustration and execution.

"My main focus for this exhibit begins in a love-hate relationship with adversity and ends with an appreciation of biological diversity," Clark said.

Elli Pope, Rhinelander, will exhibit stenciled and free painted images. The mural reflects Pope's artistic growth and conceptual development.

"As an interventionist artist, my work pulls primarily from street artists such as Banksy, JR, Alice Pasquini, David Walker and Swoon," Pope said.

Aimee Ray, Clear Lake, will exhibit a series of digital works based on the retelling of one of Grimm's fairy tales, "The Three Children of Fortune."

Ray has been influenced by comic book cover art and wanted to apply this to the story.

"Said" by Carrie Sood
Carrie Sood, Eau Claire, will exhibit two series done with acrylic paint on the pages of found books. The first series is titled "Shorty Ginger Chick aka the Little Red Hen." It shows that despite society's changes throughout the years, the lesson of the story stays the same. The second series is called "Buccaneers, Pirates and Scallywags," which captures the excitement and adventures of the high seas.

"I would like to illustrate children's books, and using found book pages challenges me to use an existing layout creatively," Sood said.

Glenn Terpstra, Bloomington, Minn., will exhibit a mix of photography, installation and interactive media. The theme is communication and collaboration; process photography meets design. Terpstra explored the advance of technology and its effects on culture and quality.

"The use of cell phone cameras is a comment on technology development and how it impacts camera culture as well as the degradation of image quality through the process," Terpstra said. "I am concerned with how we as humans see our world and chose to represent it through technology."

Alyssa Trainor, Winona, Minn., will exhibit large hand-drawn and digitally manipulated photographs. Each photo is destroyed by bleach and then renewed by marker and digital manipulation.

"I don't merely take photographs, I make photographs," Trainor said.

Control is a major theme throughout the exhibit, Trainor said.

"In these photographs, I am struggling with the idea of control," Trainor said. "What I as an artist have control over and what my materials have control over. The final images are a blend of control: you decide who won the battle."

Ray said the show includes a variety of styles.

"Even though a lot of our majors are similar, the pieces in the show are very different from one another," Ray said.

Sood added that the content of this year's show is unusual.

"Illustrators are not commonly found in galleries, so this is a rare opportunity to see four of them," Sood said.

Foster Gallery hours are 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays, 6-8 p.m. Thursdays and 1-4:30 p.m. weekends.

For more information about gallery exhibits, contact Foster Gallery director Tom Wagener at 715-836-2328.




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