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Media Memo: Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich accepts position in Utah

March 27, 2012

TO: News Editors and Directors

FROM: Judy Berthiaume

DATE: March 27, 2012

SUBJECT: Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich accepts position in Utah

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich announced this morning that he will leave his chancellor position to become president of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Earlier today, Dr. Levin-Stankevich sent the following message to UW-Eau Claire faculty and staff.

UW-Eau Claire Colleagues,

I am this morning in Salt Lake City where I am being introduced as the next president of Westminster College. It is bittersweet for me to convey this to you, for while I am excited by the new possibilities and opportunities this appointment presents, there is much that I will certainly miss.

We have worked very hard over the past few years, accomplishing much with even more yet to do. I have valued your individual and collective contributions, but even more have I valued your relentless commitment to our students and to the value of a UW-Eau Claire degree. You have maintained that dedication through many challenges, and I urge you to protect this treasured culture of student success and collegiality to the best of your ability in the future.

Debi and I were welcomed warmly by the Eau Claire community six years ago. This community has been extremely supportive of the University's continued evolution and particularly of our efforts to enhance the connections between this campus and the broader community.

You have built an extraordinary university, unique among public universities in America. I hope that I have contributed to maintaining that distinctiveness and in setting the stage for continued excellence in the future.

I will begin my service at Westminster College in June. We will convey transition information to you as we proceed.

Thank you for all you do.

Brian Levin-Stankevich, Chancellor

Dr. Levin-Stankevich will begin his new position at Westminster College in June. We will share details about his transition (including his end-date at UW-Eau Claire) with the campus and greater Eau Claire communities as it becomes available.

Westminster College's announcement regarding its new president can be found here.

A statement from Kevin Reilly, president of the UW System, can be found here.

Dr. Levin-Stankevich currently is in Utah where he is being introduced to Westminster College's campus community.

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