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UW-Eau Claire implements new transcript request process

February 13, 2012
 James Barrett
James Barrett
EAU CLAIRE — University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students and alumni will soon find a quicker and more streamlined process in place for requesting copies of their official academic transcripts.

Beginning Feb. 22, UW-Eau Claire's Records and Registration office, which maintains the university's academic records, will implement a new secure PDF option for requesting transcripts that will allow documents to be sent instantaneously to their intended recipients.

"Students often need these documents sent quickly to employers and graduate schools, and sending them by mail could result in a delay," said James Barrett, UW-Eau Claire registrar. "Secure electronic transcripts will now be sent within one business day of receipt of the order."

Students and alumni using the new system will request a transcript through an online account with the Registrar's office. The process will provide the individual with email confirmation of the request, the sending of the transcript and receipt of the transcript by the intended party.

"Students and alumni will be able to view a history of their requests and transactions through a function similar to an online shopping cart," Barrett said.

The new process also allows students and alumni to attach a scanned PDF, such as a resume or letter of application, to the transcript before it's sent to its intended destination, Barrett said.

With the new system, individuals requesting an official transcript will be charged $8 for a secure electronic PDF transcript and $10 for a mailed hard-copy transcript. Transcript requests had been filled for free in the past.

"Due to increased costs in materials and mail processing fees, along with per-transcript charges by the new service's vendor, it was necessary to start charging for transcripts," Barrett said. "UW-Eau Claire was the only UW System school not charging for transcripts. We used the average rate of what other UW schools were charging to set our price."

Text confirmations are available for a nominal charge as well. Overnight service, previously not offered, is now available to students and alumni upon payment of applicable shipping charges.

The request process can be initiated through the Records and Registration transcript website. Requests also can be made in person in Room 128 of Schofield Hall. Mailed requests will be honored as well, but turnaround time won't be as quick, Barrett said.

Students will continue to receive one free official transcript upon graduation from the university. Unofficial copies will continue to be free to all students and alumni and can be accessed through individuals' lifetime MyBlugold accounts.

More information about the new transcript request process is available by emailing or calling 715-836-2999.



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