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Super Bowl ad researchers to use Twitter to share thoughts, answer questions during game

February 3, 2012

TO:               News Editors and Directors

FROM:          Judy Berthiaume

DATE:           Feb. 3, 2012

SUBJECT:    Super Bowl ad researchers to use Twitter to share thoughts, answer questions during game

Two University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire marketing professors who have been researching Super Bowl ads for more than a decade will take to Twitter during the Feb. 5 Super Bowl game to share their thoughts about the latest ads as they air.

Reporters and others can follow Dr. Rama Yelkur and Dr. Chuck Tomkovick via @UWEauClaire and the hashtag #superbowlads.

The two internationally renowned Super Bowl ad experts will be available for comments and questions on Twitter from 5 p.m. CST, through the game and until 30 minutes after the Super Bowl game.

Tomkovick and Yelkur have completed a series of research studies that look at various aspects of Super Bowl advertising. Their most recent research has focused on whether sexy images and themes make a Super Bowl ad likeable (hint: not so much).

Additional research completed by Yelkur and Tomkovick found that the aggregate stock prices of publicly traded firms that ran in-game Super Bowl ads outperformed the Standard & Poor's 500 by more than 1 percent during a two-week period (Monday before the Super Bowl through the Friday after the game). One percent translates into tens of billions of dollars.

The marketing professors' Super Bowl ad likability and related research have received increased attention from the media, advertisers and others as costs for Super Bowl ads continue to climb. This year, 30-second ads cost $3.5-$4 million during the game.

Details about the professors' Super Bowl ad research findings are available online.

Dr. Chuck Tomkovick and Dr. Rama Yelkur also are available to discuss their Super Bowl ad research. You can reach Tomkovick at 715-836-2529 or, or Yelkur at 715-836-4674 or


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