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UW-Eau Claire computer science students win international competition

February 2, 2012
Code Wars 2012 Winners
UW-Eau Claire's team of computer science students who won the recent Windward International Collegiate Programming Championships consisted of (from left) Jonathan Fretheim, Rebekah Sippert, James Felton and Corey Schulz.
EAU CLAIRE — A team of four University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire computer science students took top honors — among teams from many top North American universities — in the first Windward International Collegiate Programming Championships Jan. 28. Windward is a business software development company based in Boulder, Colo.

UW-Eau Claire's team consisted of James Felton, a junior from Wauwatosa; Jonathan Fretheim, a senior from Eau Claire; Rebekah Sippert, a senior from Eau Claire; and Corey Schulz, a junior from Lannon. The UW-Eau Claire students earned the Windward Code Wars Trophy by defeating their closest rival by a final score of 502-468.

The UW-Eau Claire team competed against hundreds of teams from a group of prestigious universities across North America: Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Harvey Mudd College, Georgia Tech, Purdue University, Stanford University, University of Illinois, University of Massachusetts and University of Toronto. Competitors matched wits against fellow computer science students in a previously undisclosed programming game. More information about the competition is available online.

"This competition shows that UW-Eau Claire computer science students are second to none compared to students at top-tier universities and programs such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Illinois," said Dr. Joline Morrison, professor and chair of computer science at UW-Eau Claire. "This is a testament to the quality of our faculty and to the university's commitment to excellence."



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