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Fall 2013 campus construction

Will part of the Campus Mall be closed this fall due to construction of the Education Building?
A portion of the Campus Mall will remain closed through the 2013 fall semester due to Centennial Hall construction. The closure will include the area between Zorn Arena and Schneider Hall extending west to within approximately 20 feet of Schofield Hall. See a map of the Campus Mall showing the area to be closed due to construction.

When will the Centennial Hall be done?
The project timeline calls for substantial completion by late November 2013, with the first classes being held in the building in spring semester 2014.

How do I navigate through the Campus Mall area during construction?
At the start of fall semester classes, sidewalks will be in place between Schneider Hall, the northwest corner of Zorn Arena and Schofield Hall. The north-south walkway along the east side of Schofield Hall, which will become a main thoroughfare, has been widened to accommodate increased pedestrian traffic.



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