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Student Advisory Committee 

The Provost established this committee to advise administration on issues or concerns to nontraditional students. The NSS adviser chairs this committee and student representatives from each of the four Colleges, along with faculty and staff members, serve on the committee which meets at least twice each semester. An annual "Report and Recommendations" is submitted to the Provost each summer.

Students wishing to serve on this Committee should contact the Nontraditional Student Adviser at 836-3259 or

2014 Spring Semester Nontraditional Student Advisory Committee

Shelia Frank, Student Rep., College of Education &Human Sciences

Michael Gehrke, Student Rep., College of Arts and Sciences

Student Representatives, College of Nursing and Health Serivces
Renee Papesh

Thomas Schenz

Student Representatives,
College of Business
Patricia Loschko

Derek Ruth, Student Rep.

Student Senate Representatives
Brandon Jorgenson

Matthew Riedel

Bonnie Isaacson
Nontradtional Student Services Adviser

Charles Bingen, Mathematics
Faculty Member

Joan Sosalla, Director, Educational Opportunities Network
Signe Matson, Academic Adviser
Advising and New Student Initiatives
Courtenay O'Neil, Director,UWEC
Children's Nature Academy
Katie Strope, Office of Admissions

Durwin Long, Director
Continuing Education

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