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Deadline Dates 

Note:  Students enrolled under "Special Student" status are not eligible for most forms of Financial Aid/scholarships.  They may, however, apply for the Returning Adult Student Fund.

(Eau Claire Local, and Regional)

Scholarship Deadlines
Deadlines UW-Eau Claire / Local Scholarships
About 2 weeks after classes begin each semester- check website for date Returning Adult Student Fund
January 20 Eau Claire Electric Cooperative
March 1 Riverland Energy Cooperative Scholarship 
March 15 GFWC - Menomonie Women's Club (deadline to write for application)
March 27  Bloomer Women's Club Scholarship (Women in Need)
April 8th AAUW
April 19th Anderson
April 1st GFWC Women's Club
3rd Monday in April Lyla Flagler
3rd Monday in April Ellen M. Imbody Memorial Scholarship
3rd Monday in April Nontraditional Student Scholarship
3rd Monday in April Nan Pickett Memorial
3rd Monday in April  Clara B. Small Arts & Sciences
3rd Monday in April Wilbur, Valaria Kopplin Memorial
3rd Monday in April Single Parent Scholarships
  Bruce, Susan J. (Single Parent)
  Dick and Marlene Cable (Single Parent)
  Hero's Fund (Single Parent)
  Illgen Single Parent Scholarship
   Mc Enany Single Parent Scholarship 
  Smith, Ken & Mary (Single Parent)
  Cathy G. Sultan Scholarship (Single Parent)
April 15 Clearwater Kiwanis Single Parent
Late April-See website Louise E. Carter
May 20Wisconsin Women in Government
May 31 Amery Women's Club Scholarship
 June 30  Denise Bertucci Scholarship
August 1  Bachelor of Professional Studies
Sept 1 Blugold Promise Scholarships
De Maio, Graupner, and Sundstrom
Based on Admission Application
None University Women's Association Emergency Grant
Varies according to program. For P.C.E. grant allow 8 wks to process. P.E. O. Scholarship and Loans

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