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Nan Pickett Scholarship Application 


  • Applicant must be 25 and older.
  • Currently enrolled at UW-Eau Claire.
  • In good academic standing.
  • Applicants must have a major or minor in one of the following areas: Biology, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Chemistry w/ Business Emphasis, Geography, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Computational Science, Computer Science, Environmental and Public Health, or Nursing.

This scholarship is in memory of Nan Pickett who received two degrees as a non-traditional student and was a faculty member at UW-Eau Claire. Her death was untimely at the age of 52 and her family wishes to support non traditional students who persevere in pursuit of an education.

Award: 1 - $350.00
Application Deadline: 3rd Monday in April

Note: Due to State regulation you may be ineligible to receive a scholarship if you are delinquent in child support payments. Please check with Financial Aid if you have questions.

Application Information



Student ID#:

University E-mail:

Permanent Address:

City, State, Zip:

Home Telephone #:

Year in School:


Total GPA:

Scholarship Narrative:

Please provide thorough answers to the following questions.

1. Summarize your work and community activities, along with any honors, publications, or other recognitions you have received. These can be of a community or service nature, as well as academic.

2. Describe your personal, academic, and career goals and how you feel a college degree will benefit you in reaching your goals.

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