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Research & Community Involvement 

Dance minors are encouraged to become engaged in scholarly and creative activity with their faculty mentors. These projects are above and beyond the scope of the curriculum and may take on a variety of different designs. They are supported internally by The Center of Excellence for Faculty/Student Research Collaboration and where appropriate by outside grant funding. Examples of these projects include:

Summer 2010
"Baroque Style and Musical Composition as an Impetus for Creating Dance"

This study involved research on Baroque music and dance in order to choreograph a dance piece that demonstrates classical and contemporary approaches to the Baroque style of movement.  This project was product oriented, with the intent of using background research as a guide in creating an original artistic work by UW-Eau Claire students pursuing a minor degree in dance.  The dance piece created will be presented at a Chamber Orchestra concert in spring 2011.

Fall 2009
"Research on Research:  A Study of the Choreographic Process"

Fall 2008
"A Study of Martha Graham as a Choreographer and Prime Mover in Modern Dance"

Spring 2008
"From Dido and Aeneas to Carmen:  An Exploration of the Role of Dance in Opera"

Spring 2008
"Student Satisfaction in Dance Classes"

Summer 2005
"Chickamauga:  A Dance Drama"

Summer 2003
"Tap Fusion"

Spring 2002
"The Alexander Technique and 3rd Grade Music Students"

Spring 2000
"The Alexander Technique:  Research Study with UWEC Students"

Summer 1999
"The Book of Ruth:  A Dance Drama and Violence Intervention Program"