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What Are They Doing Now?

Chelsey Dahm (2010)  Chelsey Dahm graduated magna cum laude with a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with majors in Management and Marketing and a minor in Dance.  She is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School. 

While at UWEC, Chelsey was president for two years of the Concert Dance Company (CDC), and received a grant to study the technique of Martha Graham and create an original Graham-based work for the CDC. Four of her works have been performed at various American College Dance Festivals.  Seven of her works have been selected for Mid-States Regional Dance America (RDA)--two for gala credit, three for performing credit, and two for emerging credit.

Ms. Dahm's works have been recognized and honored at the national level, and she has received the highest choreography award from RDA for two years in a row.  "Requiem" and "The Hunger" received the National Choreography Commissioning Award for 2010 and 2009 respectively, and "The Hunger" also received the Monticello scholarship for best choreography.  PINK 'there's someone inside my head and it's not me' earned Dahm the Emerging Choreographer Scholarship for best emerging choreography in 2006.

Ms. Dahm has been awarded several full scholarships to study choreography, including the RDA Craft of Choreography Conference in summers of 2010, 2009, and 2006.  She is currently a resident choreographer for Dance Wisconsin (where she received her primary training), guest choreographer for Greater Lansing Ballet, and is very excited to be receiving commissions for new work from all over the country.

Megan Hoffman (2010)  Megan graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a major in Music Therapy and a minor in Dance.  During her undergraduate work, she worked on research projects in music therapy and completed a directed studies course that combined music therapy and dance, her two loves, in a clinical setting working with an adolescent psychiatric population.  She presented her Senior Dance Capstone Recital on May 1, 2010, co-choreographed with Debbie Ernie.  In September, she will begin an 8 month internship at the UC-Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California, doing music therapy in the pediatrics department.  During her free time in California, Megan hopes to continue to explore and expand her interest in dance.  Following her internship she will begin her career in music therapy, using dance and movement as added tools for therapy.  Megan plans to attend graduate school, when the time is right, to either further her career in music therapy or to branch out into dance/movement therapy.  While dancing at UWEC, Megan was able to foster a love for modern dance and realized that dancing will always be something that she needs to do in order to be truly happy in life.

Brent Bergstrom (2008)  Brent graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a bachelor of music education major and a dance minor.  He currently uses his choral major and dance minor to teach choir, show choir, and music theory at Eau Claire Memorial High School.  His minor in dance has prepared him for the classroom far beyond what he could have expected.  "The dance program at UW-Eau Claire helped me grow as a performer, musician, artist, and teacher.  It is a unique program that enhances a student's skill set.  I was able to recognize my weaknesses and develop them into strengths."  B. Bergstrom

Crystal Pelletier (2005)  Crystal graduated from UW-Eau Claire in 2005 with an Education major and Dance minor.  She has since completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance degree from the University of Minnesota.  Crystal's decision to continue studying dance was influenced by her experience in the Dance Minor program at UWEC.  She said, "I wanted to spend more time studying dance technique, composition, theory, pedagogy and performance and the University of Minnesoa was a perfect fit.  While at the U of M, I was able to work with amazing faculty and guest artists including Shapiro & Smith, Bebe Miller, Sardono Kusumo, and in the restaging of Jose Limon's Missa Brevis."  Crystal now teaches dance and is currently performing with Eclectic Edge Ensemble, a Minneapolis based jazz dance company.  "My interest in studying dance as an art form was ignited by my experiences at UWEC.  Being involved in Concert Dance Company and traveling to ACDFA fostered many friendships and allowed me to express my love of dance through choreography.  It opened my eyes to the possibilities dance has and I am grateful for the people who helped me along the way."  Crystal Pelletier

Kristin (Warner) Lauenstein (2004)  Kristin graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a BBA degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship with a Minor in Dance. Kristin has instructed dance for 17 years in studios through Minnesota and Wisconsin.  She has held many leadership posiitons within dance organizations throughout the Midwest, including president of UWEC's Concert Dance Company and director of Starlets Dance Company.  Kristin currently is the owner/director of Northfield Dance Academy (NDA), LLC in Northfield, Minnesota. Kristin says "It is my ultimate goal to pass along the self-confidence, time management skills, responsibility, and the importance of physical activity to my students."Through dance training, Kristin instills, self-confidence, time mangement skills, responsibility and the importance of physical activity in her students. "The dance program at UWEC is well-rounded and offers students many opportunities to choreograph and stage their own works.  Students will be challenged, not only physically, but mentally as they are constantly encouraged to step ouside of their comfort zone and explore dance from many different perspectives."  Kristin Lauenstein