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Artist in Residence -- Barry Blumenfeld 

Barry Blumenfeld, Dancer/Choreographer, Director of Tap Fusion
November 7-11, 2005

Barry Blumenfeld dance class

Mr. Blumenfeld is a dancer/choreographer from New York who has created an interesting mix of dance genres with his company called Dance Fusion. He artistically blends tap, traditional Israeli dance forms and modern dance into challenging new material. The purpose of the residency will be to:

  • expose our dance minors to a new way of thinking about choreography
  • introduce the dance appreciation students to a working choreographer and to the idea of mixed genres
  • provide an opportunity for the university community to experience a master class with a New York choreographer

Mr. Blumenfeld will teach to students in the Tap II studio on November 8 and 10 and to students in Dance Appreciation on November 7 and 9. In addition, Mr. Blumenfeld will design choreography for the Concert Dance Company to be presented in their annual concert in the spring. These rehearsals will be held on Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm the week of November 7th.

Barry Blumenfeld, a native of Miami, Florida, was a 2000 recipient of a Choreographers Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Mr. Blumenfeld founded the dance company, TAPFUSION, in 1997 and has since choreographed over a dozen works for the company which have been presented in New York, Florida, Maryland and Washington, DC. He has also performed in the work of Sean Curran and Peter DiMuro, and is a member of the sketch-comedy group, STOMA. He holds an MA in Dance from American University and was recently inducted into the university’s Department of Performing Arts Hall of Fame. He currently is on the faculty of Friends Seminary School in Manhattan and an adjunct professor at New York University.


Master of Arts degree in Dance; American University- May, 1997
Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, minor in Theatre; American University- May, 1993
Graduate of Dance Education Laboratory of the 92nd Street Y- May, 2003
Certified Level 1 Teacher of Language of Dance- July, 2003
Registered Dance Educator