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Haas Fine Arts Center

Completed in 1970 and dedicated to former UW-Eau Claire Chancellor Leonard Haas and his wife Dorellen, the Haas Fine Arts Center serves as home for the Department of Music and Theatre Arts as well as the Department of Art. A large central lobby is the primary pre-concert and pre-theatre gathering place and provides access to the center’s four performance venues – Gantner Concert Hall, Phillips Recital Hall, Riverside Theatre, and Studio 190.

In addition to its theatres and other performance spaces, Haas Fine Arts Center houses comprehensive rehearsal spaces, fully mediated classrooms, a scene shop, light laboratory, state-of-the-art recording studio, and two piano laboratories. The department’s administrative office is located adjacent to the Haas Center lobby, and all music, theatre, and dance faculty have their offices and teaching studios in the building. Additional instructional and performance space for theatre arts and dance students is located in Kjer Theatre, located across campus.  

Performance Facilities

The Department of Music and Theatre Arts has five performance facilities for its exclusive use – Gantner Concert Hall, Phillips Recital Hall, Riverside Theatre, Kjer Theatre, and Studio 190.

Gantner Concert Hall
The Robert Gantner Concert Hall is a 600-seat facility used for ensemble concerts, solo recitals, dance, opera and musical theatre.

Riverside Theatre
Riverside Theatre is a 200-seat thrust-stage facility. This intimate theatre is used for both studio and mainstage theatrical productions. A scenic studio, makeup facility and green room are part of the Riverside Theatre complex.

Kjer Theatre
The Earl S. Kjer Theatre is the only department performance facility not located in the Haas Fine Arts Center. The 400-seat proscenium stage theatre is used for main-stage productions and dance concerts. A scenic and costume studio are part of the Kjer Theatre facility.

Studio 190
Studio 190 is a black box performance space that was renovated in 2011 and features a sprung dance floor and full lighting grid, in addition to moveable dance barres and seating. Studio 190 is used as both an instructional and performance space for theatre and dance.

Student Activities

Production Positions

If you are interested in working in any of the following technical positions for upcoming productions, please contact Kevin Gawley (836-5613) or James Zwicky (836-2764).


Student Awards

Best Actress in a Leading Role

2006-2007 Melissa Jean Briggs
2005-2006 Melissa Jean Briggs
2004-2005 Melissa Jean Briggs
2003-2004 Briana Hardyman
2002-2003 Emily McPeck
2001-2002 Molly Berg

Best Actor in a Leading Role

2006-2007 Aaron Loy
2005-2006 Max Athorn
2004-2005 Paul Bleier
2003-2004 Brian Martin
2002-2003 Aaron Zook
2001-2002 Anthony Brown

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

2006-2007 Brittany Gusho
2005-2006 Abbie Williams
2004-2005 Deborah Selvig
2003-2004 Melissa Jean Briggs
2002-2003 Jennifer L. Aldridge
2001-2002 Emily McPeck
2001-2002 Briana Hardyman

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

2006-2007 CJ Krueger
2005-2006 Steven Davis
2004-2005 Joseph Dauer
2003-2004 Tony Thompkins
2002-2003 Paul Bleier
2001-2002 Robert Vanderloop

Best Actress in a Children's Show

2001-2002 Briana Hardyman

Best Actor in a Children's Show

2001-2002 Joshua Paffel

Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role in a Children's Show

2002-2003 Adam Roub
2002-2003 Briana Hardyman

Dirty Hands Award

2006-2007 Tyler Morris
2005-2006 Stephanie Unertl & Tom Mueller
2003-2004 Helen Frankowiak
2002-2003 Deborah J. Selvig
2002-2003 Ryan Zirngibl
2001-2002 Jennifer Peters
2001-2002 Christopher Nimm

Outstanding Contribution to Technical Theatre

2005-2006 Ryan Zirngibl
2003-2004 Kelly Mariska
2002-2003 Brian Benson
2001-2002 James Pitroski

Exceptional Theatre Contribution

2006-2007 Ryan Hagen
2005-2006 Mark Saienga
2003-2004 Anna Figlesthaler
2002-2003 Robert Vanderloop
2002-2003 Emily McPeck
2002-2003 Chandra LaViolette

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Performance and Creative Opportunities


Performance & Creative Opportunities