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Degree Programs

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Course Work 

The theatre arts and dance area offers a wide variety of course work, which helps our students develop a broad understanding of theatre and the knowledge, theory and skills required to be successful in the field.  Regularly scheduled courses include:

Theatre Appreciation
Dance Appreciation
Voice and Diction
Introduction to Theatre History
Beginning Ballet
Beginning Acting
Stage Makeup
Beginning Modern Dance
American Musical Theatre
Beginning Jazz Dance
Stage Movement
Scenic Design
Beginning Tap Dance
Lighting Design
Theatre History and Literature
Advanced Ballet
Advanced Acting
Styles of Acting
Advanced Modern Dance
Creative Drama
Advanced Jazz Dance
Children's Theatre
Teaching Theatre Arts
Advanced Tap Dance
Touring Theatre
Production Technical
Dance Composition and Performance
Modern Drama
Theatre of the Holocaust
Theatre Management

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A variety of scholarships are available through the Department of Music and Theatre Arts, including:

  • Baumgartner Memorial Scholarship - preference given to students in Costuming or Theatre for Young Audiences.
  • Christoffersen Memorial Scholarship - for students in the visual and performing arts.
  • Conrow Memorial Scholarship - Theatre majors and minors.
  • Kjer Memorial Scholarship - preference given to Theatre Education majors.
  • LeDue Scholarship - Theatre and Music majors and minors.
  • Theatre Scholarship - for incoming freshmen

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Faculty & Technical Staff


F. Reed Brown, Assistant Professor

      Directing, Acting, Stage Movement, Theatre Appreciation

Jennifer Chapman, Associate Professor
      Theatre Education Specialist
      Director - Theatre for Young Audiences
      Drama in Education, Theatre History

Julie Fox, Assistant Professor
Kevin Gawley, Associate Professor
      Scenic and Lighting Design, Stagecraft
Richard Nimke, Professor and Director of Theatre
      Musical Theatre, Acting
      Advanced Theatre History and Literature
Amanda Profaizer, Assistant Professor
      Costume Design, construction and history
James Zwicky, Assistant Professor
Technical Director

Technical Staff:

Laura Oliver, Costumer Shop Supervisor
Michelle Linder, Scene Shop Supervisor


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