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The Mischief Makers  

Theatre for Young Audiences - Touring Theatre

By Lowel Swortzell
Directed by Jennifer Chapman
Audience recommendation: For children age 6 and older.

School performances available Tuesday & Thursday mornings
mid-April to early May.
For more information and bookings, contact
Jennifer Chapman at

Public Performance
Saturday, May 15, 2010, 1:30 p.m.
Riverside Theatre

Take three of the world's favorite tricksters, rascals and rogues from across three continents. Put them together on a totem pole somewhere on the Northwest Pacific Coast. Let them act out tales of their greatest mischief to prove themselves to one another. What do you get? Magnificent braggadocio . . . wild foolery . . . suspense . . . laughter . . . pandemonium. By the time the three of them finish competing for the championship of trickery, the very foundations of the theatre tremble.

The Mischief Makers is a delightful comedy that introduces young audiences to Anansi the Spider from Africa, Reynard the Fox from Europe, and the Native American trickster Raven. As the play opens, the three are found perched together sharing a totem pole. They have been unknowingly brought together by Nyame, the god of the skies. As the play continues, the three argue over who among them is the best trickster. They work together to play out stories that best demonstrate their finest acts of trickery. In the end, Nyame returns, admitting that she brought the characters together in the hope that they would repent and reform their behavior; instead she has come to realize the value of their deed and the laughter they bring to the world.