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The Tomato Plant Girl  

Theatre for Young Audiences - Touring Theatre

By Wesley Middleton
Directed by Jennifer Chapman
Audience recommendation: For K-4th grade.

School performances available Tuesday & Thursday mornings
mid-April to early May.
For more information and bookings, contact
Jennifer Chapman at

Public Performance
Saturday, April 25, 2009, 1:30 p.m.
Riverside Theatre

This powerful exploration of friendship delights young audiences with its sharp dialogue, physical action and playful, high-energy conflict. Little Girl is the new kid in Heretown. Good thing she's got her Bossy Best Friend! The girls share a garden where time moves to the rhythm of Bossy's commands until the day Little Girl can no longer obey. Bossy has forbidden Little Girl to touch her precious tomato plant. But if the plant doesn't get watered soon, it will die. When Bossy leaves to visit her grandma, Little Girl uproots the plant in a valiant rescue, and a messy girl-creature springs out of the earth, spitting up dirt and crying red tears. Soon, Little Girl is playing crazy new games with Tomato Plant Girl and teaching her to say "please." Maybe Little Girl has found a new Best Friend. But what will they do when Bossy returns? And what if Tomato Plant Girl won't stay? When her friendships collide and Little Girl has to choose, she discovers the power of making up her own rules.