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Productions, 2007 - 2008

 Sleeping Beauty 

Theatre for Young Audiences Touring Theatre

By Charles Way
Directed by Cheryl Starr
Audience recommendation: For all ages.
Mid-October to mid-December

Here comes a bolder, funnier version of one of your favorite tales. Meet one of the more independent, headstrong, in-your-face princesses, Briar Rose (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty). And Gryff, who's half-dragon and total smart aleck. There's Branwen, the really nice witch who tries to outspell the evil Modron. And, of course, the Prince. Owain, who comes with the standardly princely features, minus bravery, talent and competence. In between the story you know is a deliciously funny and amazing adventure, replete with troublesome fairy folk and a riddle-challenging Spider King.