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Suggested Repertoire -- Auditions


Auditions are required of all students who wish to enter Department of Music & Theatre Arts degree programs. Applicants for the Bachelor of Music-Vocal Performance, Bachelor of Music Education-Choral and Bachelor of Arts will be heard by members of the Voice and Choral Area faculty at designated audition dates which are usually in November, January, February, March or April.  See the department website for current dates (

The audition will consist of two songs sung from memory and a sight-singing example which will be provided during the audition. One memorized song must be in English and one song must be in a foreign language. Folk songs, spirituals, popular songs, or music theatre selections are not allowed.  No a cappella or recorded accompaniments are permitted.

The voice faculty suggests that appropriate literature for high school auditionees may be found in the Twenty-six Italian Songs & Arias published by Alfred Publishing, the Joan Boytim/Hal Leonard series, the Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Edition series, or the Oxford series.  Songs from the Class A State Music Festival lists are recommended.

Accompanist Services:
Your own accompanist is strongly recommended, but if you are unable to bring an accompanist, you may request one.  The request must be made TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. A photocopy of each song with your name and date of your audition printed on the top of each piece of music must be received two weeks in advance of your audition date. You may also fax in your music or send it as full-size PDFs (also two weeks in advance). NOTE: You must bring the original copyrighted music with you to the audition.

Send the music to:

Department of Music & Theatre Arts
ATTN: Coordinator of Voice
University of Wisconsin -Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004
Fax:  715-836-3952


Call: 715-836-4954 (Dept. of Music & Theatre Arts)
or:    715-836-3711 (Coordinator of Voice & Choral Area)