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Music Scholarships

The Music and Theatre Arts Department awards music scholarships through competitive audition*. The following requirements must be met in order to receive and/or maintain these awards:

  1. major in music (Viennese Ball Scholarships also are awarded to music minors)
  2. carry an academic load of at least 12 semester hours
  3. maintain a grade point average of 2.5 in non-music courses and 3.0 in music courses on both a cumulative and an individual basis
  4. participate in an ensemble(s) as may be required by the division awarding the scholarship
  5. receive no less than a "B" grade in applied music

Additionally, several endowed scholarships are awarded each spring to continuing music majors. Information about these scholarships is posted on faculty bulletin boards and in the Department Office in March and April each year.

Music scholarships are funded from a variety of sources including the annual Viennese Ball and Cabaret Productions as well as endowed scholarships.

Information and application for the Eileen Phillips Cohen String Scholarship.

* Freshmen are considered for scholarships at their audition for admission into a degree program in music or a music minor.

Theatre Arts Scholarships

The scholarships available to new and continuing theatre arts majors are:

Earl S. Kjer Scholarship
Conrow Memorial Scholarship
William S. Baumgartner Scholarship
Roger Groenwold Scholarship

Theatre Arts scholarships are awarded each spring upon the recommendation of the theatre arts faculty.

Foundation Scholarships for Music and Theatre Arts

See a list of of UW-Eau Claire Foundation Scholarships for music and theatre arts that includes a description of each scholarship as well as the criteria needed to be eligible. Go to the UW-Eau Claire Financial Aid web page for Loans, Grants, and Scholarships and select the link to Scholarships by Category/Major.