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Current Students

Performance Class Schedule

Music Majors
must attend Performance Class for seven semesters. Transfer students will be assigned a pro rata requirement by the Department Chair. Performance Class meets Fridays at 10:00 a.m. in Gantner Concert Hall on the days identified below. Attendance is taken at each session. For each absence, students are required to attend one concert in addition to the regular concert attendance requirement.

Music Minors must attend Performance Class for three semesters. Absences are made up in the same manner as for music majors.

Students arriving at Performance Class after the first performer appears on stage will be considered absent.  Students are responsible for securing attendance cards before the class begins and also for turning them in at the conclusion of class.  Cards are not accepted late.

Fall, 2013 Semester Performance Classes

October 18

November 1

November 22

December 6

Spring, 2014 Semester Performance Classes

March 7

March 28

April 18

May 2