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Current Students  

Current music and theatre arts students will find information in this section on curricular requirements, performances and student organizations. Please note that the entire departmental student handbook and jury sheet links for several divisions are able to be accessed.  Pay particular attention to the recital guidelines and forms if you are in the process of preparing a recital.  In addition, you can access the current academic year's Performance Class schedule, learn about the various departmental student organizations and place an order for a CD of a departmental recital performance.

Student Handbook

The Music and Theatre Arts Department Student Handbook provides important information for current students including:

  • Department of Music and Theatre Arts Faculty
  • Area Coordinators and Administrative Staff
  • Performance Class Schedule
  • University Theatre Season
  • Concert and Recital Scheduling Policy
  • Wisconsin Administrative Code
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Department Facilities
  • Student Policies, Opportunities and Assistance
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Degree Programs


Piano Proficiency Requirements

The Piano Proficiency is the final examination for Advanced Class Piano MUSI 108.  All students enrolled in MUSI 108 and/or taking the Proficiency for the first time must attempt all portions.

Detailed information about Piano Proficiency is available in the Student Handbook (page 9).  Click on link in box above.