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Faculty and Staff Directory


Alan Rieck, department chair, choirs, music education

Robert J. Baca, trumpet, jazz studies
Jennifer J. Chapman, theatre education, theatre history
Jeffery W. Crowell, percussion, jazz studies
Lori L. Cruciani, piano
Randal Dickerson, music education, bands
Gary W. Don, theory, composition
Laura Dunbar, music education
Julie C. Fox, dance
Christa N. Garvey, oboe, theory
Kevin D. Gawley, scenic and lighting design
Molly Gebrian, theory, viola
Arthur Grothe, theatre
Chia-Yu Hsu, composition, theory
Ryan P. Jones, music history, world music, popular music
Namji Clara Kim, piano
Melissa G. Koprowski, clarinet
Tim Lane, flute, world music  Sabbatical  2014-15
Owen C. Lovell, piano
Andrew Machamer, bassoon
Paula Mann, dance
Mark R. Mowry, voice
Richard F. Nimke, acting, musical theatre, theatre history
Verle A. Ormsby, horn
Phillip A. Ostrander, trombone, bands
Kenneth J. Pereira, voice
Gretchen Peters, music history, world music
Nicholas Phillips, piano
Amanda J. Profaizer, costume design
Lee Anna Rasar, music education
Tulio J. Rondón, cello, music appreciation
Joshua Schwalbach, double bass
Gary R. Schwartzhoff, choirs, conducting
Michael Shults, saxophone
Paula M. Smith, harp
John R. Stewart, conducting, bands
Bethany Stiles, voice
Jessica Usherwood, voice
Frank Watkins, choirs, conducting
Nobuyoshi Yasuda, violin, orchestra
Barbara G. Young, music education
Jerry A. Young, euphonium and tuba
James Zwicky, theatre technical director

Administrative/Professional Staff

Nichole Akright, academic department associate
David Crawford, financial specialist
Judy Gray, publications office
Tom Gunderson, piano technician
Michelle Linder, scene shop supervisor
Laura Oliver, costume shop supervisor
Mark Vaningan, audio production specialist



Choral and Voice
Mark R. Mowry (mowrymr)
Kenneth J. Pereira (pereirkj)
Alan J. Rieck (rieckaj)
Gary R. Schwartzhoff (schwargr)
       Division Coordinator
Bethany Stiles (stilesbb)
Jessica Usherwood (usherwjt)
Frank Watkins (watkinfa)

Lori Cruciani (cruciall)
Namji Clara Kim (kimnc)
        Division Coordinator
Owen C. Lovell (lovelloc)
Nicholas S. Phillips (phillins)

Music Education
Randal Dickerson (dickerrc)
Laura Dunbar (dunbarll)
Lee Anna Rasar (rasarla)
Alan J. Rieck (rieckaj)
     Division Coordinator
Gary R. Schwartzhoff (schwargr)
Barbara G. Young (youngbg)

Molly Gebrian (gebriama)
Tulio J. Rondón (rondontj)
Joshua Schwalbach (schwaljj)
Paula M. Smith (smithpm)
Nobuyoshi Yasuda (yasudan)
      Division Coordinator

Theory, Composition,
& Music History

Gary W. Don (dongw)
      Division Co-coordinator
Christa N. Garvey (garveycn)
Ryan P. Jones (jonesrp)
Timothy Lane (lanet)
Gretchen Peters (petersg)
      Division Co-coordinator

Wind and Percussion
Robert Baca (bacarj)
Jeffery Crowell (croweljw)
James DeVoll (devolljh)
Randal Dickerson (dickerrc)
Christa N. Garvey (garveycn)
    Division Coordinator
Melissa G. Koprowski(koprowm)
Tim Lane (lanet)
Verle A. Ormsby (ormsbyva)
Phillip A. Ostrander (ostranpa)
Michael Shults (shultsma)
John R. Stewart (stewajo)
Jerry A. Young (jyoung)

Theatre Arts & Dance
Jennifer J. Chapman (chapmajj)
Julie C. Fox (foxjc)
Kevin D. Gawley (gawleykd)
Arthur Grothe (grothear)
Richard F. Nimke (nimkerf)
      Division Coordinator
Amanda J. Profaizer (profaiaj)
James Zwicky (zwickyja)

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