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Degrees and Academics  

Voice and Choral Division

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire--often called "Wisconsin's Singing University"--offers outstanding performing opportunities and degree programs in voice and choral music.  Quality teaching, comprehensive and innovative degree programs, ample performing opportunities, thoughtful advising, and the individual attention students receive all contribute to the Department of Music and Theatre Arts' well-earned reputation for excellence.  The faculty's mission is to help each student achieve a high level of knowledge, artistry, and preparation in their chosen discipline.  The Choral Festival, Cabaret, Madrigal Dinner, Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop, five mainstage theatrical productions, touring theatre, the New Playwrights Festival, the Short Play Festival, and the Concert Dance Company are among the many opportunities for voice and choral students to perform in both concert and theatrical settings.

For more information on the six choral ensembles at UW-Eau Claire, see the Choirs and Opera Workshop.

Voice-Choral Division Faculty