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Degrees and Academics

Keyboard Division 

The Keyboard Division of the Department of Music and Theatre Arts offers applied study in areas of piano, harpsichord and organ with faculty members who are active performing artists. Applied lessons are designed to develop musical and keyboard skills, to expand knowledge of the representative repertoire and to increase performance abilities. Opportunities for keyboard students include solo recitals, accompanying, performing in chamber ensembles, studio and performance classes, and master classes conducted by visiting artists.  Email us at for more information.

Keyboard Division Faculty


Students interested in pursuing piano at UW-Eau Claire have many options, including three new emphases within the existing Bachelor of Music degree: 

Piano Performance: This is a traditional option for students seeking intense study in solo performance, and those looking to continue on to graduate school. In addition to the core music classes, students are required to give two solo recitals and to take a keyboard accompanying course, plus one semester of piano pedagogy.

Piano Pedagogy: This new emphasis is for students that are interested in teaching piano lessons right after graduation, or those interested in continuing on to graduate school in pedagogy. In addition to the core music classes, students are required to give one solo recital, take a two-semester piano pedagogy sequence, an educational psychology course, and to present a senior capstone project in pedagogy.

Collaborative Piano: This new emphasis focuses on collaborative playing, and offers many opportunities for students to work with singers and instrumentalists in a collaborative setting. Upon graduation, students can pursue work as a freelance accompanist/coach, or pursue graduate school. In addition to the core music classes, students are required to give one solo recital and one collaborative recital, participate as the pianist for one of our large ensembles, take a keyboard accompanying course, and voice diction and literature classes. 

*All BM degrees will receive one-hour weekly lessons, and will take a two-semester course in piano literature. 

BM-Piano Degree Requirements

Additional degree options include: 

Bachelor of Music Education: Piano majors who choose this popular degree pick either a choral or instrumental emphasis (and associated coursework).

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science: Piano majors in this degree have more general education credits in the humanities (B.A.) or sciences (B.S.) in addition to the core music curriculum, and require a minor outside of music.

Music Minor: Students who audition and are accepted as music minors take music classes and four semesters of applied lessons.

*All BME, BA/BS, and Music Minor students receive one half-hour lesson weekly.

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