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Theatre Arts Minor, Early Adolescence/Adolescence Teaching

This program offers a 24 semester credit theatre arts minor for degree programs which require a minor area of study. This program offers a comprehensive overview of theatre including technical theatre, acting, directing, dramatic literature and arts management and leads to licensure to teach theatre in Early Adolescence through Adolescence classrooms (formerly grades 6-12).

Theatre Arts Minor, Early Adolescence/Adolescence Teaching

(Code 601-424)

2010-2011 Catalogue

Thea 121, Stagecraft

Thea 125, Introduction to Theatre History

Thea 130, Beginning Acting
  Thea 174/374, Practicum:  Costume Crew

Thea 220, Stage Makeup

Thea 332, Directing

Thea 335, Creative Drama

Thea 434, Theatre Arts Management

Methods:  Thea/ES 361, Teaching Theatre Arts

Theatre education majors and minors are required to participate in six theatre productions prior to graduation.

Theatre education majors and minors are required to take the following fine arts courses in their General Education/ elective programs:

  • One music course form Musi 100, Performing Arts on Stage; Musi 102, Fundamentals of Music; Musi 110, Music Appreciation; or Musi 340, Music Fundamentals and Methods in the Elementary School;
  • English 181, Introduction to Film, Video and Moving Image Culture;
  • Art 105, Introduction to the Visual Arts; or Art 16, Introduction the the Visual Arts-Studio; and
  • One dance course from Dnce 101, Dance Appreciation, Dnce 112, Modern Dance I; or Dnce 114, Jazz Dance I.

This outline is to be used as a guide; refer to the student degree audit and the University catalogue for official degree requirements.