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Departmental Honors Program--Music and Theatre Arts


Upper-class majors with resident and transfer GPA of 3.5 or better, and a 3.5 or better in the major are eligible for participation in the Departmental Honors Program. Participants whose cumulative and/or major GPA falls below 3.5 can still graduate with Honors as long as her/his GPA increases to 3.5 by graduation.

Procedure for Admission

A written application, available in the department office, is normally submitted for approval by the Departmental Honors Committee no later than the end of the third week of classes of the junior year. Transfer students entering UWEC with junior status must apply no later than the end of the third week of classes.

Requirements for Graduation with Departmental Honors

1. Complete all requirements for a major in music or theatre arts with a cumulative and major program GPA of 3.5 or better.

2. Complete three honors projects attached to courses that represent three different honors option course categories (see below). Approval by the course instructor and Departmental Honors Committee is required and a description of the honors work to be done must be submitted to the Committee by the end of the third week of classes. The project, along with a final report, must be submitted to the Committee by Final Exam Week.

3. Complete an honors paper supporting a senior project or performance under the direction of a departmental faculty member of the student’s choosing (e.g. historical, theoretical, pedagogical research; criticism; playwriting; composition; scenic or costume design; directing; senior recital; major acting/operatic role). The project ought to be in the student’s major area, though exceptions can be granted by the honors committee. The paper is defended orally to a faculty jury consisting of the paper’s faculty director and two members of the Departmental Honors Committee. At least two members of the jury for theatre arts students must be theatre arts faculty. A copy of the paper is filed with the Committee.


Completion of Departmental Honors will be noted on a student’s transcript and in the graduation program. All students completing the program will also appear on a plaque in Haas Fine Arts Center.

Departmental Honors Committee

Dr. Gretchen Peters, Program Director
Dr. Gary Don
Dr. Robert Knight
Dr. Vanissa Murphy
Mr. Richard Nimke
Dr. Nicholas Phillips

Honors students must complete three honors projects attached to courses that represent three different honors option course categories.

Honors Option Categories and Courses--Music

248, Form and Analysis
308, Twentieth-Century Techniques
335, Baroque Counterpoint
407, Music Theory Seminar
437, Renaissance Counterpoint

229, Music History 1600-1900
303, Music History to 1900-present
306, Women in Music
405, Music History Seminar
470, Opera Literature
471, Choral Literature
472, Voice Literature
475, Piano Literature
477, 17th-18th Cent Perf Practice
496, Directed Studies-Literature

351-372, Advanced Applied Music
397, Junior Recital
442, Art of Musicianship
497, Senior Recital

Pedagogy and Methodology
300, Adaptive Music
310, Elementary/Middle School Music Education
315, Piano Pedagogy
318, Music as Content in Schools
345, Voice Pedagogy
400, Principles and Methods of Secondary Music Education
401, Instrumental Literature and Conducting
408, Theory Pedagogy
411, Secondary Instrumental Teaching Methods
420, Seminar in Teaching Choral Music
421, Seminar in Teaching Instrumental Music
495, Directed Studies-Pedagogy


 Honors Option Categories and Courses--Theatre Arts

325, Theatre History and Literature
425, Modern Drama and Theatre
450, Theatre of the Holocaust
490, Theatre Arts Seminar (history/lit topics)

Design and Management
321, Scenic/Lighting Design
422, Play Production: Technical
434, Theatre Arts Management
490, Theatre Arts Seminar (design topics)

Pedagogy and Methodology
335, Creative Drama
336, Children’s Theatre
361, Teaching Theatre Arts

330, Advanced Acting
331, Styles in Acting
333, Performance for the Camera

Directing and Playwriting
332, Directing
414, Playwriting