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Bachelor of Arts/Science--Music History, Liberal Arts

The BA/BS--Music History degree is intended for students planning to attend graduate school in musicology. Students will need to seek permission to declare this degree by musicology faculty. Musicology faculty will base their decision on grades in Musi 227 and 229, total GPA, and samples of writing. While there is no set GPA for admission into the major, a student requesting this major should have attained minimum GPAs of 3.25 in the following areas: (1) Musi 227 and 229, (2) other academic music courses, (3) total GPA. The degree offers an intensive technical understanding of music and a broad understanding of related disciplines outside of music. Certification for public school teaching is not included in this program.

Degree Outline - Bachelor of Arts/Science--Music History, Liberal Arts

(Code 060-063)


This outline is to be used as a guide; refer to the student degree audit and the University catalogue for official degree requirements.