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Cabaret Productions

Cabaret Productions was founded in 1978 to provide experience for UW-Eau Claire Music and Theatre Arts students in arranging and staging a variety show. Cabaret provides for our students a valuable practicum during their course of study at the university. Many of the students performing in this show are music majors who will need to produce musicals and variety shows during their professional career. Annually, there are ten student directors working with a cast of 130 students.

Cabaret began in 1978 with a modest sound system, little staging and piano accompaniment. Today, Cabaret involves a 10 month production schedule where students arrange, choreograph, rehearse and stage the annual production with orchestra. Each year student Cabaret directors enroll in a course addressing arranging, choreography and other areas involved in the production of a musical variety show. Cabaret Productions has raised over $200,000 in support of on-going scholarships for dedicated music students in the Voice/Choral Area and Jazz Area at UW-Eau Claire.

Contact the University Service Center (715/836-3727) for ticket information.

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Madrigale Dinner

Ye Olde Madrigale Dinner is a 15th-century-style banquet with music and entertainment by the Court Chamber Choir, Court Brass Choir, Court Recorders and Court Thespians.

A candlelit 15th Century banquet hall, draped with medieval banners and evergreen accents the scene. An English court jester beckons the diners to join the festivities. The mood is one of enchantment from Christmas long ago.

Unstick thy mind from the present day,
Let it come with us, let it fly away
On wings of laughter, wings of song,
Wings that carry each along
To a special time, a special place
That magically, mystically cares erase.

Wassail Good Lords and Ladies Faire!

Contact the University Service Center (715/836-3727) for ticket information.


Madrigale Court 2012

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