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"Wisconsin's Singing University"

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has been recognized as "Wisconsin's Singing University" due to the popularity of the choral program. There are six choral ensembles including the Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Singing Statesmen, Symphonic Choir, Women's Chorus, and Women's Concert Chorale.

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Blugold Fight Song

Below are CDs by UW-Eau Claire Choral Ensembles. Click on the song title for audio clips.

Take Up the Song

The Singing Statesmen and Concert Choir, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor
Women's Concert Chorale, Alan J. Rieck, Conductor

Take Up the Song
"Take Up the Song"
"Psalm 103"
comp. James Q. Mulholland

Performing the music of James Quitman Mulholland

1. Three Scottish Songs
        Loch Lomond
        Caledonian's Air
        Wi' a Hundred Pipers
2. Think on Me
3. Psalm 103
4. When I Fall in Love
5. There Was an Old Farmer
6. La Danza
7. Fare Thee Well Love
8. Loveliest of Trees
9. Momentos of Millay
        Take Up the Song
        I Could Not Let You Go
        If Still Your Orchards Bear
        Portraits By a Neighbor
        Winter Nights
        What Lips My Lips Have Kissed
10. America the Beautiful

Sing We Merrily

Concert Choir, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor

CD Cover, Singe We Merrily
"Der Feuermeiter"
Comp. Hugo Wolf
"Der Tages Weihe"
Comp. Franz Schubert

1. Sing We Merrily Unto God Our Strength
2. Der Geist Hiift Unsrer Schachfeil
3. Der Feuerreiter
4. Des Tages Weihe
5. Pater Noster
6. Gaudete Omnes
7. Why Rage Fiercely the Heathen
8. Os Justi Meditabitar Sapientiam
9. Otche Nash
10. I Heard a Great Voice
11. O Magnum Mysterium
12. Agnus Dei
13. Ascendt Deus
14. Cantus Gloriosus

2000 European Tour

Concert Choir, GaryR. Schwartzhoff, Conductor

CD Cover, 2000 European Tour
"Faire is the Heaven"
Comp. William Harris

1. Haec Dies
2. Faire Is the Heaven
3. Pater Noster
4. Bogoroditse Devo
5. Our Father
6. Song for Athene
7. In Pace
8. O Day Full of Grace
9. Cricifixus
10. Kyrie
11. Ubi Caritas
12. Shenandoah
13. Danny Boy
14. Two Spirituals: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Deep River
15. Freedom Come
16. Elijah Rock
17. Nunc Dimittis

An Amazing Day (2004)

European Concert Tour, GaryR. Schwartzhoff, Conductor

1. Gloria
2. Psalm 96
3. Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Ghospoda
4. Os Justi meditabitur sapientiam
5. Search Me and Know My Heart
6. Canticle of Invocation
7. Be Not Afraid
8. Praise to the Lord
9. Ave Maria
10. O Vos Omnes
11. Lux Aeterna
12. i thank You God for most this amazing day
13. Hymn to the Fallen
14. Wondrous Love
15. My God Is a Rock
16. Hold On!
17. Nunc Dimittis

Sing - Be - Live (2008)

European Concert Tour, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor

1. Make a Joyful Noise unto God
2. Pater Noster
3. Totus Tuus
4. Singet dem Herrn ein Neues Lied
5. Be Not Afraid
6. Kyrie
7. Song for Athene
8. In Pace
9. O Immanuel
10. O Day Full of Grace
11. Earth Song
12. My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord
13. Wade in de Water
14. Nunc Dimittis
15. The Lord Bless and Keep You

2002 Wisconsin Music Educators Association

Women's Concert Chorale, Alan J. Rieck, Conductor

CD Cover, Wisconsin Music Educators Association

"Cante Domino"
Comp. Jozef Swider

1. Pueri, concinite
2. Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
3. Laudate Dominum
4. Mary's Song of Praise
5. Psalm 150
6. Adiemus
7. Shall I Compare Thee
8. Lily of the Valley
9. Ride On, King Jesus

Concert Choir, Gary R. Swartzhoff, Conductor

10. Gaudete Omnes from Cantiones Sacrae
11. Cantate Domino
12. Otche nash
13. Qui Sedes
14. The Blue Bird
15. Hold On!
16. Alleluia from Songs of Faith

We are...WOCO

Women's Concert Chorale, Alan J. Rieck, Conductor

CD Cover, Women's Concert Chorale

"Come, All Musicians, Come"
"How Do I Love Thee"
"Salut Printemps"
"We Are"

1. Singers All
2. Come, All Musicians, Come
3. Wir eilen mit schwachen doch emsigen Schritten
4. Den Tod, niemand zwingen kunnt
5. L'Amicizia
6. Salut Printemps
7. The Echoing Green
8. Three Chinese Songs
9. Psalm 150
10. Mary's Song of Praise
11. Dancing
12. Angel
13. Anyone and NoOne
14. Adiemus
15. Overture to Le Nozze di Figaro
16. Lily of the Valley
17. Ride On, King Jesus
18. Go Where I Send Thee!
19. How Do I Love Thee
20. We Are

Musik (1993)

The Singing Statesmen, Gary R. Swartzhoff, Conductor

CD Cover, The Singing Statesmen

"Trosterin Musik"
Comp. Anton Bruckner

"Salve Ragina"
Comp. Franz Schubert

1. Trosterin Musik
2. Consecrate the Place and Day
3. Gloria
4. Locus Iste
5. Salve Regina
6. Ave Maria
7. Death Be Not Proud
8. Ascandt Deus
9. God Be in My Head
10. The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard
11. Done Made My Vow to the Lord
12. Scandalize' My Name
13. Shenandoah
14. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
15. Find the One I Lone
16. Faith

25th Anniversary (1991)

The Singing Statesmen

Morris D. Hayes, Conductor (1967-1988)

Bruce G. McInnes, Conductor (1988-1990)

Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor (1990-present)

CD Cover, Singing Statesmen 25th Anniversary

"Done Made My Vow"
Comp. Wendel Whalum

Disc 1 (1968-1986)

1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Marching to Pretoria
3. Praise God in All His Glory
4. As From the Earth a Flower Grows
5. Jefferson
6. We Be Soldiers Three
7. Behold Man
8. Grief
9. They Call the Wind Maria
10. Vere Languores
11. You Do Something to Me
12. Bonnie Eloise
13. Die Nacht
14. The Pasture
15. Stoppings by Woods on a Snowy Evening
16. Die Lotosblume
17. Mary had a Baby
18. Nachtgesang Im Walde
19. Chorus and Drinking Song from Calleria Rusticana
20. Landsighting
21. Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhauser
22. Trosterin Musik

Disc 2 (1986-1993)

1. O Salutaris Hostia
2. Tarantella
3. Mary a Woman Uglier Than You
4. Mary had a Baby
5. Sanctus-Missa Mater Patris
6. Somebody's Callin' My Name
7. Salutation of the Dawn
8. Miserere Mei Deus
9. Hodie Christus Natus Est
10. Ave Maria
11. Done Made My Vow
12. Song of Peace
13. Steal Away
14. Ave Maria
15. God Be in My Head
16. Betelehemu
17. Alma Mater
18. Fight Song

Volume 3 (1998)

The Singing Statesmen, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor

CD Cover, Singing Statesmen Volume 3

comp. Franz Schubert

1. Nachtgesand im Walde
2. Stanchen
3. An der Schonen blauen Donau
4. Toreador's Song
5. Inveni David
6. Ave Maria
7. O Fili et Filiae
8. Psalm 96
9. The Last Words of David
10. Ascendit Deus
11. Sing Merrily Unto God
12. Agnus Dei/Hymn to God the Father
13. Think on Me
14. Set Me as a Seal
15. A Jubilant Song
16. El Yuneh Hagalil

European Concert Tour (2002)

The Singing Statesmen, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor

CD Cover, 2002 European Tour

"Nunc Dimittis"
comp. Jackson Berkey

1. Sing dem Herm
2. Ascendit Deus
3. Kyrie
4. Gloria
5. Sanctus
6. Agnus Dei
7. O Fili et Filiae
8. Beati Mortul
9. Salvation Is Created
10. Set Me as a Seal
11. Blagosiovi, dustre moya, Ghospoda
12. Ascension
13. Ave Maria
14. pater Noster
15. Nunc Dimittis
16. Steal Away
17. Rise An' Shine
18. Go Down, Moses
19. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears

At the Ball (2003)

The Singing Statesmen, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor, A Musical Tribute to the Viennese Ball

CD Cover, At the Ball

"An der schönen blaunen Donau"
comp. Johann Strauss

1. The Star-Spangled Banner
2. Österreichische Bundeshymne
3. An der schönen blaunen Donau
4. Wien, Wien, mur du Allein
5. Trösterin Musik
6. Abendzauber
7. Nachtgesang in Walde
8. Trinklied
9. Ständchen
10. Widerspruch
11. An die Musik
12. A Waltz Dream
13. Love Unspoken from Die Lustige Witwe
14. Jagerchor from Der Freischütz
15. Jaglied
16. Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen
17. Chorus and Drinking Song from Cavalleria Rusticana
18. Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhäuser

An American Journey

The Singing Statesmen, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor, A Musical Tribute to the USA

1. The Star-Spangled Banner
2. The Soldier's Grave
3. A Dirge for Two Veterans
4. Soldier's Elegy
5. We Will Go On
6. Prayer for the Children
7. Reconciliation
8. Bring Him Home
9. Danny Boy
10. Oh Shenandoah
11. Death Be Not Proud
12. Bui-doi
13. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
14. Into the Fire
15. Armed Services Medley
16. God Bless America

A Testement (2006)

The Singing Statesmen, Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor

CD Cover, A Testement

"The God Who Gave Us Life"
comp. Randall Thompson

"Dies Irae"
comp. Z. Randall Stroope

1. The Star-Spangled Banner
2. O Home Beloved
3. Behold Man
4-7. The Testament of Freedom
i. The God Who Gave Us Life
ii. We Have Counted the Cost
iii. We Fight Not for Glory
iv. I Shall Not Die Without a Hope
8. Pater Noster
9. The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard
10. Weepe Not
11. Dies Irae
12. Private First Class Jesse Givens
13. Battle Hymn of the Republic
14. The Morning Trumpet
15. Poor Man Lazrus
16. By the Sword/Sons of Dixie

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.