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The UW-Eau Claire band program, comprising the Wind Symphony, Symphony Band, University Band, Blugold Marching Band, and Blugold Athletic Band offers a rewarding and enriching musical experience for more than 400 UW-Eau Claire students each year. Built on a long tradition of excellence, the UWEC band program offers a variety of concert and athletic bands designed to meet the artistic and educational needs of UW-Eau Claire students, regardless of major area of study.

The Wind Symphony and Symphony Band are the premiere concert bands at UW-Eau Claire.  Their active performance schedules include at least two concerts each semester and an annual concert tour.  Each band performs the finest new and traditional concert band works, and are committed to the highest standards of musical excellence.  Students must successfully audition into the Wind Symphony and Symphony Band at the beginning of each semester.

The University Band rehearses once a week and performs one concert each semester.  University Band offers students an opportunity to participate in a rewarding concert band experience without an audition.

The Blugold Marching Band and Blugold Athletic Band lend color and spirit to Blugold athletic events throughout the year and provide an excellent opportunity for students to be involved in the larger university community.

We are all musicians, and regardless of your level of participation, you are a valued part of the proud band tradition at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

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Student Awards

UW-Eau Claire Bands Student Conducting Competition

The Student Conducting Competition enables students to compete to conduct either the Wind Symphony or Symphony Band on the final concert of the spring semester.  The first student conducting competition was held in March 2001.   Conducting competition winners include:

Wind Symphony

2015 - Nick Hansberry
2014 - Jordan Jenkins
2013 - Nathan Rakow
2012 - Vicky Wilda
2011 - Mary Claxton
2010 - Bryce Bielic
2009 - Michael Renneke
2008 - Ashley Singer
2007 - Mike Vallez
2006 - Adam Boll
2005 - Andrei Strizek
2004 - Jeffrey Specht
2003 - Timothy Doleysh
2002 - Curt Campbell
2001 - Eugene Power

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Symphony Band

2014 - Chris Caine
2013 - Justin Kevan
2012 - Nick Drayton
2011 - Stefanie Berkopec
2010 - Will Schwartz
2009 - Michael Vallez
2008 - Matthew Gullickson
2007 - Theresa Soules
2006 - Amy McCoy
2005 - Jonathan Juedes
2004 - Andrei Strizek
2003 - Bryan Jaeckel
2002 - Stacy Kern
2001 - Timothy Doleysh

UW-Eau Claire Bands Student Soloist Competition

The Student Soloist Competition enables students to compete to perform as a featured soloist with the Wind Symphony or Symphony Band on the final concert of the spring semester.  Soloist competition winners include:

Wind Symphony

2015 - Collin Hough, trombone
2014 - Sarah DiPiazza, clarinet
2013 - Eric Schultz, clarinet
2012 - Megan Pattarozzi, clarinet
2011 - Tyler Anderson, saxophone
2010 - Anna Torgerson, piano
2009 - Kyle Siegrist, trombone
2008 - Lexi Zunker, flute
2007 - Jenny Ritchie, flute
2006 - Josh Lee, tuba
2005 - Laura Barth, flute
2004 - Kara Sorensen, flute
2003 - Stacy Kern, bass clarinet
2002 - Andrew French, piano
2002 - William Olson, alto saxophone
2000 - Toby Jerome Yatso, bassoon

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Symphony Band

2015 - Andy Michor, french horn
2014 - Kurtis Polishinski, tuba
2013 - Melissa Nehm, flute
2012 - Elizabeth Tomlinson, trumpet
2011 - Megan Pattarozzi, clarinet
2010 - Cole Hanson, clarinet
2009 - Benjamin Cold, alto saxophone
2008 - Rachel Kelm, clarinet
2007 - David Hurd, piano
2006 - Colin Gilliland, trombone
2005 - Elizabeth Wilson, clarinet
2004 - Kristin Yost, piano
2003 - Thomas Krochock, trumpet
2002 - Keith Hilson, trombone
2001 - Heidi Lynn Olsen, flute

Awards of Outstanding Achievement

The "Outstanding Wind Symphony Member" Award is presented annually to the Wind Symphony member who demonstrates the highest level of dedication and service.   The recipient of this award is determined by a vote of the Wind Symphony membership. The "Outstanding Symphony Band Member" Award is presented annually to the Symphony Band member who demonstrates the highest level of dedication and service.  The recipient of this award is determined by a vote of the Symphony Band membership. The "Donald S. George Outstanding Musician" Award is presented to the band member who demonstrates the highest level of musical achievement and dedication to the UW-Eau Claire band program. The recipient of this award is determined by the UWEC Band Faculty. The first Awards of Outstanding Achievement were presented at the first annual UWEC Bands Banquet held on May 11, 2001. Award recipients include:

Donald S. George Outstanding Musician Award

2014 - Elliott Rittenberry, percussion
2013 - Julia Lumsden, horn
2012 - Matthew Turek, euphonium
2011 - Mary Claxton
2010 - Matt Gullickson, percussion
2009 - Jennifer Tinberg, clarinet
2008 - Mike Vallez, euphonium
2007 - Josh Lee, tuba
2006 - Liz Wilson, clarinet
2005 - Andrei Strizek, euphonium
2004 - Matthew Edlund, percussion
2003 - Timothy Doleysh, percussion
2002 - Heidi Olsen, flute
2001 - Toby Jerome Yatso, bassoon

Outstanding Wind Symphony Member Award

2014 - Julia Lumsden, horn
2013 - Elliott Rittenberry, percussion
2012 - Nick Drayton, tuba
2011 - Mattew Turek
2010 - Kyle Siegrist, trombone
2009 - Michael Renneke, horn
2008 - Matthew Gullickson, percussion
2007 - Liz Wilson, clarinet
2006 - Colin Gilliland, trombone
2005 - Holly Samson, oboe
2004 - Andrei Strizek, euphonium
2003 - Matthew McVeigh, alto saxophone
2002 - Curt Campbell, trombone
2001 - David Kile, percussion

Outstanding Symphony Band Member Award

2014 - Claire Henningsgaard, tuba
2013 - Claire Henningsgaard, tuba
2012 - Leslie Stewart, trumpet
2011 - Ross Christianson, saxophone
2010 - Tyler Coakley, percussion
2009 - Nicholas Drayton, tuba
2008 - Ben Kunselman, saxophone
2007 - Michelle Kochan, clarinet
2006 - Charles Willcutt, French horn
2005 - Lauren Zemlicka, oboe
2004 - Adam Boll, trombone
2003 - Melinda Allen, trumpet
2002 - Matthew McVeigh, bass clarinet
2001 - Kipp Otterness, trumpet

Outstanding National Band Association Member
2008 - Jim Skaleski
2007 - Tim Baumann

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National Band Association - Collegiate Chapter

Music Logo

The National Band Association, founded on September 11, 1960, is the largest band organization in the world. It was organized for the purpose of promoting the musical and educational significance of bands and is dedicated to the attainment of a high level of excellence for bands and band music.

UW-Eau Claire is proud to be the home of the Alpha Chapter of the NBA-Collegiate Chapter. The NBA-Collegiate Chapter is a student organization designed with tomorrow's band director in mind, and it stands ready to serve the members of the association in a variety of ways. The organization, which was founded on the UWEC campus in the spring 2002, is open to any UW-Eau Claire student, staff, or faculty member who is interested in the band movement. Learn more about the NBA-Collegiate Chapter at their web site.