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OMA Scholarship Program 

Diversity Scholars Award and Achievement Award requirements Include:


2. Schedule an appointment before classes begin or before the end of the 2nd week of your current semester

3. Complete a student assessment before your meeting  

(link will be provided by an OMA coordinator prior to your meeting)

4. Other requirements will be provided by an OMA coordinator during your meeting

Diversity Scholarships for First-Year Students

Diversity Scholars Award

Diversity Achievement Award

OMA Diversity Scholarships

Boyken, James W. Diversity
Campen, Jane Temple
Dahle, Johannes & Arlene Multicultural
Dunn, Clarice Chase Endowed
Graves, Chuckie
Lazcano, Esther & Antonio
Southard, Robert R. Memorial
Alumni of Color Social Justice & Inclusion

Boyken, Muriel M. Diversity
Dahle, Johannes & Arlene Multicultural
Vance, Jim Memorial

Etnier, Don, and Jan Hmong Freshman
Hmong Alumni
Novak, Moya Memorial Diversity
Stone, Veda Native American
Alumni - American Indian

Other Campus Diversity Scholarships...

Bartlett, William Native Amerian Nursing
Stone, Veda Native American
Student Support Services Achievement
Tremble, Barbara J. Brenner Memorial
Webb, Sally A. Diversity Tuition
Wildrick, Eleanor & Thomas - Global Awareness
Xcel Energy Business Diversity
Leinenkugel, Jacob Brewing Co. C.O.B. Diversity

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