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Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes are statements that specify what students will know, be able to do, or be able to demonstrate when they have completed or participated in a program. Outcomes are usually expressed as knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values.
(Source:  CAS for MSPS)

OMA (LEEP) learning outcome domains:

(L)eadership Development

1. Exhibits ability to visualize a group purpose and desired outcomes
2. Articulates leadership philosophy or style
3. Participates in a student campus organization or community group

(E)quity, Diversity, and Inclusion

4. Makes an effort to understand and appreciate other cultures
5. Understands one's own identity and culture
6. Understands the impact of diversity on one's own society

(E)ducational & (P)ersonal Goals

7. Sets educational & personal goals
8. Articulates educational & personal goals
9. Pursues educational & personal goals