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Graduate School Applicants

These McNair Scholars are seeking admission to graduate school during the upcoming 2015-16 or 2016-17 academic year.  Follow the link in their name to learn about their current research, view their curriculum vitae, and read about their goals for graduate school. 

Lynzy AbressLynzy Abress





Carissa Baier PortraitCarissa Baier





Michael Bomber PortraitMichael Bomber





Drake Bortolameolli





Lauren Gilstrap PortraitLauren Gilstrap





  Kyle Lobermeier Portrait Kyle Lobermeier

Cory Long PortraitCory Long





 Neil McMillan PortraitNeil McMillan





Alex Munger PortraitAlex Munger





Jenna RosquistJenna Rosquist





Alexandra TredwayAlexandra Tredway Portrait





  Jarred Wieser Portrait Jarred Wieser


  Alexander Woodworth  Alexander Woodworth