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"Ask A Scientist!"  presents:

A Brief History of Materials

Matt Jewell, Ph.D

Materials Science Center, UW-Eau Claire

At this moment, you may very well have a phone in your pocket that can access the majority of humankind's accumulated knowledge. Scientists and engineers are continuously finding new and better ways to extract energy from the sun, wind, earth, and the reactions that power the stars, in order to give us the fuel we need to support our modern lifestyles. 

But how did we get here?  Technological advancement requires ideas and the clever minds that produce them, but it also requires materials – the stuff that actually makes the cell phone or the jet engine or the solar panel work.  In this talk I'll examine how materials development has shaped the progress of various civilizations over the centuries, how materials are impacting our present information and technology revolution, and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the rest of this rapidly-evolving 21st century.

Acoustic Café

7 pm, Wednesday, February 20

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