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The Materials Science Center offers outreach programs for kids from kindergarten through highs school and also for adults.Some examples are:

Strength of Materials- Kids from Kindergarten – about 3rd grade will test various materials to see how strong they are.The students make predictions and then test various types of wires and strings to determine their relative strength.(Strength is determined by the number of water bottles that can be supported.) The studentslearn to take measurements and can use bar graphs to show the relative strengths of cotton thread, polyester thread, aluminum wire, steel wire and Kevlar.

Nanotechnology- A Small Part of Materials Science- (about 4th grade – adult) This 30-45 minute presentation shows some of the interesting materials around us.It demonstrates how understanding the material structure helps to explain why it functions as it does.This presentation has a strong emphasis on nanotechnology with lots of fun demonstrations.Presentation can be tailored for various levels of student understanding.

One of the major outreach events each year is NanoDays.One week each year, usually in March or early April, is designated as NanoDays by the NanoScale Informal Science Education network.As part of this celebration the Materials Science Center hosts hands-on activities for the public.In spring of 2013 the Materials Science Center will host the activity at the Children's Museum of Eau Claire.Other events for NanoDays will include presentations at local schools.