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Material Science Center

Materials Science and Engineering Center

Providing Solutions through Science 

Faculty and staff from the Materials Science and Engineering Center are providing solutions to complex problems of the day through the study of matter, as well as investigations into the way materials can be applied to create new devices and structures of utility.

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The center has been invaluable to small businesses that otherwise would not have the resources and access to the kind of instrumentation needed to bring solutions, products and processes to the market quickly and effectively. State-of-the-art instrumentation, student and faculty research collaborations and innovative industry partnerships have been the hallmark of the Materials Science and Engineering Center since it opened in 2004.

The Materials Science and Engineering Center:

The instrumentation and expertise of the Materials Science and Engineering Center (MSEC) is available to public and private sector associates. The MSC faculty and staff provide elemental analysis, electron microscopy, materials characterization, cooperative R&D support, and consulting to both commercial partners and academic researchers. The Center also offers educational presentations on Materials Science and Nanotechnology to K-12 schools.

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