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Dr. Matthew Jewell

Matt Jewell

Assistant Professor

Education and background

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering (with highest distinction), University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2002
M.S. Materials Science, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2005
                  UW-Madison Graduate Fellow, 2003 - 2004
                  NSF K-through-Infinity teaching Fellow, 2004 - 2005
Ph.D. Materials Science, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2008 (Thesis advisor: David Larbalestier)
Thesis topic: The effect of strand architecture on the fracture propensity of Nb3Sn composite wires (Download thesis)
Research Internship, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Applied Superconductivity Center, 2006 – 2008
ITER Organization
Monaco Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009 – 2011

Current research interests

Our group is currently focused on the metallurgy and fracture mechanics of A15 superconductors, mainly Nb3Sn.  We develop advanced sample preparation techniques to allow imaging of these brittle superconducting filaments inside composite wires in an undamaged condition.  We are interested in developing methods to quantitatively assess the irreversible strain limits of various wire designs, and to assess the impact of wire design variations on the intrinsic fracture toughness of the superconducting phase, and on the overall strength of the composite wire.

We are also at present performing statistical evaluations of large productions of superconducting materials, to better understand the levels of performance variation inherent in the available fabrication routes.  We use established process control and process capability techniques to assess the stability of various parameters important to the final superconducting performance.

Professional activities and memberships

Technical editor, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
IEEE Magnetics Society
ASM International
AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Selected publications (full list of publications)

1.     M. C. Jewell, T. Boutboul, L. Oberli, F. Liu, Y. Wu, A. Vostner, T. Isono, Y. Takahashi, S.-H. Park, A. Shikov, A. Vorobieva, N. Martovetsky, K. Seo, D. Bessette, and A. Devred, "World-wide benchmarking of ITER strand test facilities," IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 20, 1500 (2010).
A.A. Polyanskii, P.J. Lee, M.C. Jewell, E. Barzi, D. Turrioni, A.V. Zlobin, and D.C. Larbalestier, "Evidence for highly localized damage in internal tin and powder-in-tube Nb3Sn strands rolled before reaction obtained from coupled magneto-optical imaging and confocal laser scanning microscopy," Superconductor Science and Technology, 22, 095008 (2009).  Selected as featured paper on journal cover.
A.  Nijhuis, Y. Miyoshi, M.C. Jewell, W. Abbas, and W.A.J. Wessel, "Systematic study on filament fracture distribution in ITER Nb3Sn strands," IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 19, 2628 (2009).
Y. Zhu, A. Matsumoto, B.J. Senkowicz, H. Kumakura, H. Kitaguchi, M.C. Jewell, E.E. Hellstrom, D.C. Larbalestier, and P.M. Voyles, "Microstructures of SiC nanoparticle-doped MgB2/Fe tapes," Journal of Applied Physics, 102, 013913 (2007).
A. Matsumoto, H. Kumakura, H. Kitaguchi, B.J. Senkowicz, M.C. Jewell, E.E. Hellstrom, Y. Zhu, P.M. Voyles, D.C. Larbalesteir, "Evaluation of connectivity, flux pinning and upper critical field contributions to the critical current density of bulk MgB2," Applied Physics Letters, 89, 132508 (2006).
A. Godeke, M. C. Jewell, C. M. Fischer, A. A. Squitieri, P. J. Lee, and D. C. Larbalestier, "The upper critical field of filamentary Nb3Sn conductors," J. Appl. Phys., 97-9, 093909 (2005) (also selected to appear in Virtual Journal of Applications of Superconductivity, May 1, 2005).
V. Braccini, A. Gurevich, J. E. Giencke, M. C. Jewell, C. B. Eom, D. C. Larbalestier A. Pogrebnyakov, Y. Cui, B.T. Liu, Y.F. Hu, J.M. Redwing, Q. Li, X.X. Xi, R.K. Singh, R. Gandikota, J. Kim, B. Wilkens, N. Newman, J.B. Rowell, B. Moeckly, V. Ferrando, C. Tarantini, D. Marre, M.C. Putti, Ferdeghini, R. Vaglio, and E. Haanappel,"High-field superconductivity in alloyed MgB2 thin films," Phys. Rev. B, 71 012504 (2005).
M. C. Jewell, A. Godeke, P. J. Lee, and D. C. Larbalestier, "The upper critical field of stoichiometric and off-stoichiometric bulk, binary Nb3Sn," Adv. Cryo. Eng. (Materials), 50B, 474 (2004).
M. C. Jewell, P. J. Lee and D. C. Larbalestier, "The influence of Nb3Sn strand geometry on filament breakage under bend strain as revealed by metallography," Superconductor Science and Technology, 16, 1005 (2003).  Selected as featured paper on journal cover.
10.   A. Godeke, M. C. Jewell, A. A. Golubov, B. Ten Haken and D. C. Larbalestier, "Inconsistencies between extrapolated and actual critical fields in Nb3Sn wires as demonstrated by direct measurements of Hc2, H*, and Tc," Supercond. Sci. Tech., 16, 1019 (2003).

Recent/upcoming conferences
22nd Magnet Technology Conference, Marseille, France
2012 Applied Superconductivity Conference, Portland, OR
23rd Magnet Technology Conference, Boston, MA

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