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Mathematics Senior Award

Exceptional Achievement in Mathematics by a Senior

Awarded to one or more undergraduate students. Each recipient has achieved senior status, given evidence of outstanding academic achievement, and exhibited exceptional leadership in mathematics related activities.  The selection is by a vote of the mathematics faculty.

Eligibility Criteria

A student must:

  1. be a Mathematics major  or Physics-Mathematics Comprehensive Major who has completed at least 90 credits as counted by the registrar, including at least 27 of the mathematics credits that count toward the major, by the end of the fall semester,
  2. must be enrolled during the spring semester in which the award is to be made,
  3. must not have received the award previously,
  4. must intend to graduate before the following spring semester.

When D is in question, the awards committee will consult with the student's advisor. Further, the student must satisfy either of the following:

  • The student has a total cumulative GPA (resident and transfer) as reported by the registrar of 3.50 or greater; and have a resident mathematics GPA of 3.50 or greater.
  • The student is nominated by a faculty member.

Application Procedure

The Awards Committee will request each student who meets the criteria for the award to submit a résumé that includes a summary of math-related activities.

Selection Procedures

The Awards Committee will provide a list of names of all students who meet the eligibility criteria listed above at least one week before the Awards Committee plans to begin considering nominees. During this week members of the Department may nominate any additional students that they believe should be considered for the award (as indicated above), assuming that these nominees also satisfy the other eligibility criteria.
The Awards Committee will determine the nominees (typically three per specialty: Actuarial, Liberal Arts, Mathematics Education) to be presented to the Mathematics Department by considering the following information:

  • Math GPA at UWEC.
  • Total cumulative (resident and transfer) GPA.
  • Participation in math-related activities as reported by the student.

The Committee will rank the nominees according to the Total found by:

Total = 200 × MGPA + 60 × GPA + 24 ×Committee Average.

The Committee Total is based on the summary of participation in math-related activities as reported by the students.  Each Awards Committee member scores participation in math-related activities on a scale of 0-10 with a score of 10 to reflect the highest level of participation and a score of 0 to reflect the lowest level of participation. The Committee Average for a given candidate is then calculated by adding the points given to that candidate by each member of the Committee, and dividing by the number of Committee members. The Awards Committee will then make available as an attachment to a Mathematics Department meeting agenda, a table which presents the MGPA, GPA and Committee Total, and Total for each of the nominated candidates.