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Thirty-six teams from 18 western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota high schools participated in the 29th annual regional Mathematics Meet held February 19, 2011. Below are the winning teams and individuals. If you would like more information about this event, contact the Mathematics Department at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.

Team Awards

1st Place

Class AAA Quasi-Flying Cardinals
In the large school division, AAA, the Quasi-Flying Cardinals
from Chippewa Falls High School was the first place team
winner.  The Quasi-Flying Cardinals team, sponsored by Adam Coolidge, featured Jasper Arneberg, Kyle Crocker, Dan Magyar,
Adam Schwartz, Davie Speigel, and Austin Thielen.
Class AA Panther Powers
In the medium school AA division team event, a West
team, Panther Powers, took first place.  Sponsored
by Chris Milne, the Panther Powers members include
Garrett Carlson, Abe Church, Mikaela Hunter, Jennifer
Kelley, Zach Rigotti, and Chris Stockus. 
Class A Binary High Fives
The Binary High Fives, a team from Regis High School, once again took first place honors in the small school division A.  This year the team was formed by Alex Bates, Phil Bergmann, Steve Bye, Heekyung Lim, Kristina Stark, and Mira Won with Sue Garcia as team sponsor.


2nd Place

Class AAA Deriving Force
The Eau Claire Memorial team Deriving Force, sponsored
by Deb Smieja, took second place. Team members were
Elliott Adler, Brad Haas, Emmali Hanson, Jae Park,
Kevin Parker, and Kate Van De Loo.
Class AA
Differential Panthers
Tying for second place were the Differential Panthers (pictured above), a team from Ellsworth High School sponsored by Mary Rumpel, and Axes (pictured below), a team from Aquinas High School sponsored by Charles Schmidt. Members of the Differential Panthers included Kyle Gustafson, Matt Huppert, Ben Moldenhauer, Bethany Olson, Zach Regnier, and Chelsie Shilts. Adam Fiegen, Mike Hagan, Kelly Kroner, Carly Schams, Gabe Tudahl, and Judith Wodzak comprised the Axes team. 
Class A Square Root of A
Second place in division A went to an Augusta team, Square Root of A. The team, sponsored by Susan Maenner, included Tyrell Hess, Weston Huth, Taylor Mayenshein, Zach Nelson, Karly Travis, and Zach Williams.


Individual Awards

1st Place

Class AAA
(Picture not available)
Jasper Arneberg of Chippewa Falls took first place in individual events within Class AAA and was offered a UW-Eau Claire scholarship for 4-credit hours. 
Class AA
Adam, Kyle, and Alex
First place in Class AA Individual was a tie among Adam Fiegen of Aquinas High School, Kyle Gustafson of Ellsworth High School, and Alexander Davis of Altoona High School. Each was offered a 4-credit hour UW-Eau Claire scholarship.
Class A
Heekyung Lim of Regis High School
For the third year in a row, first place and a 4-credit hour UW-Eau Claire scholarship in the individual awards for small schools division A was earned by Heekyung Lim of Regis High School.  


2nd Place

Class AAA
Jameson Krause of Chippewa Falls and Lucy Wang of Eau Claire Memorial tied for second place and were both offered 3-credit hour UW-Eau Claire scholarships.
Class A
Tyrell Hess, a student from Augusta, received a 3-credit hour scholarship and second place.


3rd Place

Class A
Representing Regis High School, Menghan Sun received third place and a 2-credit hour scholarship.


4th Place

Class AAA
Receiving 1-credit hour UW-Eau Claire scholarship offers were Brad Haas (picture not available) from Eau Claire Memorial and Dan Magyar from Chippewa Falls who tied for fourth place.
Class AA
Receiving a 1-credit hour UW-Eau Claire scholarship and placing fourth was Chris Stockus of West Salem.
Class A
Representing Regis High School, Steve Bye received fourth place and 1-credit hour scholarship.


5th Place

Class AA
Pete Zernia from Aquinas was honored for placing fifth.
Class A
Cindy Engman from the Math and Science Academy and Paul Buchmann from McDonnel were recognized as tying for fifth place.


6th Place

Class AAA
Stephan Hall and Adam Schwartz, both from Chippewa Falls High School, were recognized as receiving sixth.
Class AA
Abe Church of West Salem was honored for placing sixth.
Special thanks to Xcel Energy for sponsoring this event.
A CD of all the photos captured during the event will be mailed to each school.


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