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Mathematics Meet Rules


The Meet is usually scheduled for the first or second Saturday of February and consists of five events, including a team event. Entrants in individual events attempt to solve three problems, worth from two to five points, respectively, in a period of fifteen minutes. (In the team events, all members of each team are given a set of six 10-point problems to solve jointly in a period of thirty minutes.) All events are scored immediately.


  1. There will be three classes: A, AA, and AAA. Class AAA schools are those with 600 or more students enrolled in grades 10-12. Class AA schools are those with enrollments between 200 and 599, inclusive. Class A schools are those with enrollments less than 200.

  2. Each high school will be allowed to enter any number of teams consisting of six (6) students, with no more than three (3) seniors. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the elimination of excess seniors' points from the team score with no substitutions allowed after registration. Excess seniors will also be ineligible for individual awards. All team members must be attending the same high school. Each contestant must be a member of a school team; that is, no one can compete as an individual.

  3. The use of calculators (including wristwatch calculators), notes, or other reference materials will not be permitted during the four individual events. During the team event, the use of books or notes will not be permitted, but the use of graphing calculators will be permitted. Scratch paper will be provided. Students are to bring their own pens or pencils.

  4. Talking during Events I-IV (the individual events) is not permitted.

  5. During the team event, the entire team can work as a group on each problem or individuals may be assigned specific problems to solve, or there may be any variation or combination of these methods. Talking among team members is permitted during the team event. Each problem in the team event will be worth ten points and points earned will count only toward the team total and not toward individual totals. Be sure to select a team captain, as only one score sheet is accepted from each team for this event.

  6. A team's score at the Meet is the sum of all members' individual scores plus the team event score.

  7. One faculty member or sponsor must accompany each team from a given school. This is critical because to run the Meet efficiently we need one proctor per team.

  8. Faculty should prepare their teams by reviewing the standard forms for answers to most problems - reduced fractions, simplest radical form, units (in. ft. cm.) on all answers, etc. No partial credit will be given. Answers will either be right or wrong.

  9. All three classes of schools (A, AA, and AAA) will be given the same set of problems. These classes will be used to determine three sets of team awards. Individual awards will be determined for each class.

  10. Awards will include:

  1. First and second place team trophies in each class (Classes A, AA, and AAA).

  2. A plaque for the top individual in each class.

  3. Medals to the second through sixth highest scoring individuals in each class.

  4. Certificates of participation to all competitors.

  1. Any mistakes found in the problems or grading of the problems should be called to the attention of the Math Meet Committee on the day of the Meet.

NOTE: It is expected that individuals and a team representative be present to receive awards; team trophies must be picked up in person by a team sponsor or representative.