I wanted to give this journal a  title like "crescent moon" or something
similar, particularly  because we discovered how important astronomical
events were to American Indians and also because there is a beautiful
crescent moon in the evening sky, of Northern Wisconsin, as I type this.
Please accept this journal as a class journal.  The students in this class
took this course under the title of special topics.  The paper topics that
are covered here are topics that the students found interesting.  They were
not assigned these topics, they thought about ideas that may have been
alluded to or were peripherally related to ideas that were part of assigned
readings. If you have constructive criticism, praise, gentle admonitions, or
questions contact the authors of the articles, and as a matter of record cc
to me.  If you have something harsh to say or have less than constructive
criticism, please address your  complaints to me.
-Dr. Claudia Giamati

    The Mathematical Significance of the Effigy Mounds
    of the Mississippi River Valley
     by Thomas Koch

    Kivas of the Anasazi                                                       
     by Christina Mertens

    Native American Astronomy                                         
     by Nikki Schreiner

    Native American Dreaming Rocks                               
     by Stacy Stanley

    Mayan Mathematics                                                       
     by Julie Tiller

    Native American Music and Math                                 
     by Bill Truttschel

    The Possible Origins of Geometrical Shapes             
    for Native Americans
     by Brent Whittenberger


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